On SNL Recap: Daniel Radcliffe, Timid Host on a Ballsy Night

@chris chris @Erik Voss Imagine his impressions were purposely awful. Would have been way funnier. RIGHT?

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On Watching the Sheen-to-Kutcher Transition on Two and a Half Men

"Not showing the killing off of Charlie isn’t a bad idea (although they didn’t really have any other options, cash cow that is), but at least give the viewers, who have been watching the show for eight years because of Charlie Sheen, more than that. It was weak writing, and the episode had only just begun." Ummmm you realize Charlie Sheen was fired from the show, right? And that's why they couldn't show him in the episode, right? Ok good, just making sure. All-in-all the show wasn't terrible. It had some good cameos and it still had some zingers, which is why I tune in. Sure, that alcohol-related joke might be replaced with a big-penis joke, but hey, laughs are laughs.

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On Louie Recap: "Oh Louie/Tickets"

@Megh Wright How about the fact that Dane comes out of this looking like a (self-aware) great guy? One might even say a comedian's comed... well I wont go THAT far.

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On Louie Recap: "Oh Louie/Tickets"

I came here to get an opinion of the latest Louie episode and all I got was a synopsis of the (which I already saw). What a let down. Thanks Splitsider! Thanks Josh!

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On Was The Larry Sanders Show's "Larry Sanders Show" Any Good?

Recently watched Hank's Sex Tape episode and it had a surprisingly funny monologue because Shandling had a case of the giggles and it seemed genuinely funny. That said, I think if Larry Sanders were to be a real show, the "sketches" would have been interesting and would have differentiated 'Larry' from other shows. Shandlings interview style could is so organically awkward (and self aware) that it makes the interviews more fun to watch (I think you seem to get that). Awesome article. Did you by any chance listen to his Marc Maron interview on WTF?

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On SNL Recap: Helms or No Helms

Helms was good. Kat and Garth saved Weekend Update from two uncomfortable-looking (albeit, likeable) snl cast members. Kristin Wiig is funny, the Ann Margret sketch, wasn't. Ambiguously Gay Duo was a nice treat for fans of the TV Funhouse days! All in all, a good show.

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On Louie The One-Man Show: Straight From Louis C.K.'s Brain To Your TV

I fully agree with his last comment here. And "Louie" is a great half hour of tv. The more you watch it, the better it gets.

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On Ranked: 20 Years of NBC "Must See" Thursday Night Comedies

@Chris Engelke@facebook yes

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On Ranked: 20 Years of NBC "Must See" Thursday Night Comedies

Your number 1 was right... thats about it. You give Community way too much love (and the simpsons is just as influential as seinfeld)

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On In Defense of the Multi-Camera Sitcom

This is very honest and poignant. I'm still a huge fan of multi cam sitcoms and I don't think they will ever be fazed out. If you have written any articles for Macleans here in Canada, I need to check them out. GREAT article, keep it up!

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