On Community Recap: "Basic Lupine Urology"

Didn't you mean to say, "CHANG CHANG!"

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On How I Met Your Mother Recap: "Now We're Even"

Let me get this straight. Robin is promoted to being the new co-host of a National news show. She has a giant picture of her and Sandy in the lobby of the National news station. And yet somehow, she suddenly becomes the traffic reporter for a NATIONAL news show AT NIGHT. Yeah, I always enjoy watching Wolf Blitzer's traffic reports on CNN at 9pm. Come on HIMYM writers!... I know you wanted Robin in the chopper so have her cover a slow moving police chase through the streets of NY. It could've even been funny. "And as the 5 MPH Yugo continues to elude New York's finest on horseback, you can see here that a small falafel cart has just been turned over on the corner of 51st and Broadway..." (Full disclosure: I used to be a traffic reporter on the radio in Dallas/Ft Worth)

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On Visual Community Recap: "Pillows and Blankets"

I watched this episode last night and I have a feeling that this is going to be just like the first time I viewed Raising Arizona. Almost walked out when I saw it in the theater. Not funny. And then I watched it again on cable (repeatedly) and I swear, it got funnier every single time to the point where I now quote lines from it with my friends. "Son, you got a panty on your head." I have never seen the Ken Burns "Civil War" documentary but I could tell that this was a well done send-up and I guess I will have to go home and watch this episode again.

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On Dan Harmon vs. Chevy Chase: the Plot Thickens

@chris chris - by "fued", I mean "feud" #spellingfail

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On Dan Harmon vs. Chevy Chase: the Plot Thickens

After I posted my comment yesterday on how Chevy should thank his lucky Fletch money that Harmon gave him a chance to become relevant again, I did some digging on this "fued." And it seems like both parties involved are equally at fault to some degree. Let's hope they don't "Britta" it and Community can go back to the shiny happy dysfunctional place that I imagine it to be in my heart.

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On Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase Are in the Middle of an Ugly Public Feud

You would think Chevy would wake up each morning and kiss his dwindling "Vacation" residual checks that Dan Harmon has helped make him relevant to a whole new audience. Chevy, see your future, be your future. May, make, make it, make it.

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On Community Recap: "Digital Exploration of Interior Design"

Not a great episode but very good (come on it's Community!). Enjoyed seeing Kieth from Scrubs. I thought it was Rich (from the first season) at first. How much longer before JD and Turk show up? It was nice to see my favorite quote from last night pop up at the start of your recap: "“I loved 1984, I think kids should be forced to read it.” Pop Pop!

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On Community Recap: “Contemporary Impressionists”

Props to Dan Harmon for using the original Incredible Hulk music when Winger was on the side of the road (after hulking out). Holy crap, I love this show.

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On Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Will Act Like They're Awkward in Relanxious

Wait. SNL dork Jason Sudeikis is now dating Olivia Wilde? Wasn't he going out with January Jones? Damn. I'm impressed. I guess it's true. Hot chicks dig funny guys.

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On And the First Webisode Whets That Old Community Appetite Again

That's nice.

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