On SNL Recap: Zooey Deschanel Gets Quirky

I liked a lot of it, particularly the Being Quirky, the Nic Cages and Clint Eastwood, but not my favorite episode of the season. I was actually surprised at how good Channing Tatum was. Can't say I've seen any of his movies, but he definitely gave it his all and seemed really excited to be there.

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On Which Comedian Had the Greatest Five-Year Span of Films?

@Kyle Monroe@facebook If you're not familiar with Madeline Kahn, watch the movie Clue and flog yourself in repent. Flog, I say! It was an all-star cast and she STILL stole the show.

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On Parks and Rec Recap: "Smallest Park"

I'm a lot of fun at parties.

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On Parks and Rec Recap: "Smallest Park"

I'm SO glad they pulled the plug on the pining. That plot device is tiresome. As far as political scandals go, dating your boss is nothing. It's not like either of them divorced their spouses on their deathbed to be with an intern, sexually harassed employees, put innocent people to death, purchased the hard drives of computers while they were in office, or supporting their spouses gay-cure clinic. Then again, Leslie Knope's not a Republican Presidential candidate.

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On Community Recap: "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux"

I thought this was one of the most brilliant episodes, hands down. McHale's decent from mockery of the dean into Kurtzdom was amazing. The characters all felt more real than their usual caricatures, which is bizarre...I have Dayquil brain. I may be tripping...

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On It's Always Sunny Recap: "The Gang Gets Trapped"

This was a brilliant episode which inspired a brilliant article. "Dennis’s wasp-in-a-jar fury is even more effective when you realize he enraged himself, built the jar, than stuck himself inside it with Dee’s quadruple onion breath." Genius.

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On Parks and Rec Recap: "Meet 'n' Greet"

April going to bat (in her way) for Jerry was one of my all time favorite moments.

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On We've Got Your Comedy-Related Halloween Costumes Right Here

Sadly I already look like Jerri Blank so I'll probably go as her again this year. It's just more shame...

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On Let's Talk About the Whitney Pilot, Shall We?

"Niles from Frasier married It's Always Sunny's Artemis. They can name it Slob Wife!" Please, please, please make this happen.

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On On Funny Women, Feminism, and Being Pretty

I'm so tired of this topic. Everything you say is true; I'm not disagreeing, but as a female comedian/improviser I'm so damn tired. What I've realized is that we can continue to worry and dissect it and try to understand why, but what it comes down to is this: you can't fix stupid. If some jackass is running around saying "women aren't funny" it's because they're an idiot. If they want to negate the work of a large number of people, that says enough about them to not worry me. Why should I care? I'm just going to do what I do. If people like it, great, if not, well humor is subjective. You can't please everybody, so I'm just going to please myself. Show, don't tell. Happy 100th birthday Lucille Ball.

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