On The Three Stooges Bring Their Slapstick Into the 21st Century, For Better or Worse

//My fear is that someone will want to redo Laurel and Hardy, who in my view remain the greatest film comedy team.// The bad news is, that already happened, with Balki from "Perfect Strangers" as Stan. The good news is, nobody remembers it. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0143096/

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On John Cleese on Creativity

Vimeo link got taken down, but the speech is now on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VShmtsLhkQg

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On Ten Notable Comedies in the Public Domain

Hey, now, "Africa Screams" is plenty notable! It has two future Stooges in the cast, Shemp Howard and Joe Besser! And it has two real-life big game hunters, or something. I would have thought "Disorder in the Court" was better-known than "Brideless Groom", if only because it's the one public domain short that has Curly.

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On Dan Harmon Addresses the Chevy Chase Spat

@Michael Mischnick //Harmon still sounds like a huge douche to me.// Could be because he spends a good chunk of the post describing himself as such. //It’s important to me that you not mistake this for someone thinking they’re making it better, or explaining that they’re actually a swell person. I’m explaining that you’re right, I’m a bonehead, and it sucks, it blows up in my face on a regular basis...Thirty people a day calling me an asshole makes me know and feel, in my heart, that I am an asshole. I’m a real “customer is always right” kind of guy in that regard. So, when you see me not talking about this, it’s not because I’m trying to get away with something, it’s because the more I say, the worse it gets.// Harmon certainly has always displayed his...issues with depression and bitterness and whatnot. He's made plenty of enemies on the internet before, and rarely (if ever) apologized for it. But he's also constantly displayed appreciation for the show's fans, so it only makes sense he would address it the first time one of his fights could directly affect the show.

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On Dan Harmon vs. Chevy Chase: the Plot Thickens

Ah, is there any more dubious phrase than "TMZ sources"? Whatever the dispute is, my ignorant and selfish fanboy impulse is to side with Dan. Because while Community without Chevy would be a little sad, Community without Dan wouldn't be Community.

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On Prepare for a Muppets Sequel Minus Jason Segel's Deft Puppety Touch

I loved The Muppets, but rather than a sequel, I'd far prefer "just a new Muppet movie with no direct correlation to the 2011 film". The Great Muppet Caper didn't need Doc Hopper, after all.

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On Kicking Off the Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament: I Love Lucy vs. The Honeymooners and The Simpsons vs. Seinfeld

Oh, man, when it comes time to vote between "Spy for a Spy" and "It May Look LIke A Walnut", I will be paralyzed with indecision. Two of my favorite episodes of two of my favorite shows from way before I was born.

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On There Might Seriously Be an Office Spinoff About Dwight and His Beet Farm

@Forrest Samuels@twitter If I recall correctly, Parks and Rec was originally supposed to be an Office spinoff, but they changed it to an original show in development.

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On There Might Seriously Be an Office Spinoff About Dwight and His Beet Farm

I'm still waiting for a full series of "Gareth Keenan Investigates!"

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On 10 Guesses For Whom Ted Will Date Next On How I Met Your Mother

@B Westof@twitter - I think Micucci WAS on the show once, in a tiny role as a clerk in Atlantic City that Marshall and Lily were trying to get a marriage license from. And yes, Lily came quite close to cutting her.

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