On The State of Gays in Comedy

Where my ladies at?

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On Ten Notable Comedies in the Public Domain

Is it really that hard to say little people instead of midget? Nope! It's easy.

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On Five Reasons Ricky Gervais Deserves to Die


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On Hey Readers: What Do You Want to See More of on Splitsider?

I always read Best Tweets and find myself reading everything by Hallie. More Hallie, Hallie all the time. I love when Ricky gervais gets teased. I was also particularly amused, educated and amazed by the Colbert Super PAC coverage. I'm way more well versed on the subject than anyone I know, but I don't understand because it is so fascinating! Also, please, Melissa McCarthy all the time, never stop.

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On Amy Poehler and Carol Burnett on Why They Appreciate Each Other's Comedy

Re: above, It is sufficiently evident that women are funnier than men.

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On Another Day, Another Picture of Ricky Gervais Dressed as Hitler

Not sure why everyone's so sore about these great Ricky Gervais-being-a-pain blurbs. I love them. NEVER STOP. Never stop until Ricky gervais stops acting so foolish.

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On Splitsider and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Have a Horrifyingly Tacky Christmas Sweater to Give You

My maternal grandmother never got me Christmas presents, so one year when I was about 12 and a package came, I was super excited. When I opened it, there were 2 cans of vienna sausages. One for me, one for my sister. I lied and told her I ate them and they were delicious.

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On The 10 Best Fish Out of Water Comedies

Nitpicking: Some Like It Hot (1959) was not the first of its cross-dressing genre. Katharine "sexy tomboy" Hepburn starred as the title role in Sylvia Scarlett (1935), and alter ego Sylvester, decades before. Sylvia Scarlett was directed by George Cukor and also stars a dreamy young Cary Grant with a ridiculous cockney accent. And despite all this, it's still a pretty terrible movie. This was the topic of my undergraduate thesis.

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On One Night at Asssscat, or What to Do With a Date Rape Monologue

Relenting is not consenting.

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On The 19 Cities Conan O'Brien Can't Stop Is Opening In Next Weekend

God dammit, living in Florida is such a bummer.

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