On The Five Worst Quotes from the Year's Worst Movie

Not that it's the funniest joke in the world, but I think the joke is just that Jill is hideous looking, like a nocturnal animal, say, a bat. Generally creatures that are nocturnal are not usually pleasant looking.

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On A Modest Proposal for a Potential SNL April Fool's Day Show

As fun as this idea is, there probably won't be a live show on March 31st. Going by the pattern set by the last few seasons (2008 to the present), they generally do two live shows in March, and they are usually the first two Saturdays of the month. Unless something really weird happens with scheduling, March 31st is unlikely to be a new episode. I'm sure Dennis Miller and Victoria Jackson probably WOULD participate in this, but maybe not Jan Hooks- she has some medical problems I think that might keep her from wanting to do it (although she was on that "Women of SNL" special recently)

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On SNL Recap: Emma Stone and the Rules of Recurring Sketches

@Liz Aaron@facebook Here is my theory about this (which may be completely wrong, but it's what I'm going with). In the first Lawrence Welk sketch with Anne Hathaway, when Wiig's character is introduced, she says "And I'm Ju.....dice". There is a distinct pause between her starting to say "Ju.." and finishing up with "..dice". Later in the sketch, she is singing about finding a dead cat on the side of the road, etc. and Hathaway yells at her "Denise! Shut up!" She pretty clearly says "Denise". What I THINK happened is that Wiig, for whatever reason, forgot her character's name, started to say "Judy" (maybe thinking about Judy Grimes) and then tried to switch halfway through to "Denise". Hathaway decided to be a pro and say her later line as written. Now, in later versions of the sketch, they have permanently made her name "Judice", as if that's a normal name that's really commonplace.

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On Is the 2011-2012 Sitcom Schedule the Worst in a Decade?

@Joshua Kurp It's a minor thing, but "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" actually lasted two seasons, not one. And "Greg The Bunny" only lasted one season, unless you're counting the IFC series, which...you shouldn't.

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On Is the 2011-2012 Sitcom Schedule the Worst in a Decade?

Over at the website aspecialthing, I have usually done a rundown and analysis every year of which sitcoms are in consideration by all the networks/which have been picked up/etc., so I'm more familiar with most of these shows than most people would be. And while generally the shows that get cancelled quickly are the ones that aren't very good, I feel like in this article you're dismissing a few shows that weren't really that bad. Just because a show had a short run doesn't necessarily mean it was bad; I thought "Andy Barker, P.I." was a very well-written, unique show that had a lot of promise, for example. It was just too different and unusual to last a long time on network TV. Similarly, I thought "Carpoolers", "The Knights of Prosperity", and even "Cavemen" had their moments, and were arguably funnier than a lot of shows that have lasted a lot longer than they did (*cough* Rules of Engagement). This last season, I felt that "Running Wilde" never really lived up to its full potential but was certainly a better show than most sitcoms (certainly multi-cam sitcoms) on the air today. However, I have to say the last three years have probably been the best for new TV comedies in a decade (throw in '08-'09 if you want to include Parks & Recreation too), with Community and Modern Family in '09-'10, Raising Hope and Happy Endings last season, and now Up All Night, Suburgatory, and New Girl (so far) this season. Holding out a lot of hope for Don't Trust the B...too.

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On The Lost Projects of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross

"Next!" and "Life on Mars" are actually available on the torrent site myspleen.org, and there's actually a recording of one of their live "Hooray for America" shows on there too. But the real rarity, that I've never been able to come across anywhere, is Bob's "Big Wide World of Carl Laemke" pilot. Apparently, a screener of the pilot was released by the scene group Cheetah-TV back in 2003, and then promptly disappeared from the Internet forever. With all the people that are in it, you'd think at least clips would have shown up on some "What did Zac Efron or Leighton Meester do when they were really young" show. But I've never seen even a frame of this mysterious show. Bob as a typical sitcom dad sounds like it would be very funny.

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On Tina Fey to Host SNL on May 7th, Be Hilarious Probably

Not that I don't believe you, this is a pretty reputable site, but what's your source? Just asking because I haven't seen any press release from NBC about this, nor have I seen the news on any other sites. It had been speculated that there weren't going to be any more shows in April, and that there would be 3 shows in May.

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