On Jay Leno Is Not Evil

"he is someone making best due with the tired premise known as the late night talk show." Jay Leno is not the anti-christ, and he is getting the brunt of something that isn't fair for him to get. But to say he's making best...ehhh...he doesn't have the best talk show. Letterman, Fallon and Conan all are doing better with the format than Leno. So I wouldn't say he's making best due with it.

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On Is Kevin Hart the Next Breakout Comedian?

And I'll add now that I've seen the box office report, with Think Like a Man opening at number one and being the first movie to unseat Hunger Games it's gonna be really hard for studio execs to make this ridiculous claim...though there have been many stars to disprove that theory anyway. Either way, Think Like a Man was in some ways a long shot to be number one. It was only in 2,000 theaters while the number 2 and 3 are in over 3,000. Pretty nice per theater amount. Let's see what this does for Kevin Hart's career.

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On Is Kevin Hart the Next Breakout Comedian?

It is odd that he's been around as long as he has and had to get this huge for someone to give him a break. Hollywood still has some racist people in it, unfortunately. It was just a few years ago that I heard that some execs were still saying things like "blacks can't open movies" as an excuse to not cast one in the lead. Even recently this has been said actually. George Lucas talked about how no studio wanted to produce Red Tails and the excuse was that it was about Blacks. So yeah, there's a good chance race is playing a role in Kevin Hart not getting bigger pops sooner while whoever else is handed a starring role in a movie or sitcom. Chris Rock said this years ago about Bernie Mac. He said Mac had to get famous to get a sitcom. But Titus got one when nobody knew who he was.

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On Daniel Tosh Starts Disgusting, Awful Movement

It's not an overreaction. They are right. This isn't any way to treat a lady. I wonder what Tosh would say if someone said to go up to all previously balding men and check their scalp to see if they're wearing a toupee or not while making it very obvious what you're doing. Don't think Tosh would be sensitive to this? Then why did he get his balding head fixed up to begin with? It's always easy to assail these women because YOU don't have to deal with what they do. Grow a pair and man up. That involves treating women with respect. Period.

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On The Original "Muppet Show" Pitch Video Is Damn Near Irresistible

I laughed out loud multiple times. This was great. Thanks for sharing. I'm taking notes.

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On This Week In Web Videos: "Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice Post Show Recap"

You are absolutely right about most of these web videos. No one could have put it better. Whenever I see most web videos I say, "See, this is why people need to stop saying SNL isn't funny." Because there is such a clear difference between what they're doing and what other sketch providers are bringing. And you're also right about how solid this guy is. Good find.

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On Watching Jerry Seinfeld in Comedian

Can't wait to see the rest of these. I am not familiar with that many so I do want to know what else is out there other than Comedian, I am Comic and Heckler. All of which I've seen.

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On The Lost Roles of Gilda Radner

@Stephanie For one I will say thanks for commending that. I don't deserve credit for something people should do, but I will graciously say thanks for noting that. It's encouraging. Secondly I want to point out that I'm sorry if my comments came off in a way that conveyed you shouldn't say anything when it's a small bone to pick. You're absolutely right when you say, "If people only talked about or worried about the most egregious examples of social issues, we'd spend more energy trying to determine what the most egregious examples are, and worse, it sort of gives people a license not to think about what they say." We can't wait for the egregious moments to stand up for a cause. That's waiting far too late. Because we can avoid the egregious incidents when we address the smaller ones. I think you SHOULD say something. I just thought that maybe this was one to approach in a way that doesn't condemn the Bradfords out there who don't mean any harm. I say this as a guy who wants to reach people for things I am passionate about. But some people who share my passion can be aggressive when making a valid point and it turns people off. You're right, there is a difference between having a simple discussion about something and being careful in that context to not offend vs. pointing out an injustice that has gotten so out of hand that it's sickening. But I think care and concern for people's feelings has got to still be carefully guided because when a person is hostile or comes off hostile they turn people off. It's maybe more important to be mindful in those moments because the point you're trying to make is so much more important. Do you know what I mean? You clearly have a big heart and are a good person. Your head and your heart are in the right place. And I love you for that! That's awesome! Keep speaking up! I just wanted to point out the significance of how one responds when it comes to something you're passionate about and something that is really emotional. It's so easy to respond with the emotional side of things when one is passionate about the topic. But we have to make sure we bring everybody in a loving way because that's how we actually change people's hearts. That's the bottom issue here. It's not about changing the words we use (no longer saying "girls" to refer to women as a whole) but changing our hearts so that we do the right thing and behave the right way. You have changed my mind about things though! Your words made me think, "Why did it even matter to say who "guys" often cite and who "girls" often cite as an influence?" Because I undoubtedly cite Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler and Gilda Radner as influences. And I'm a dude. And I'm almost certain Amy Poehler was just as influenced by Bill Murray as she is by Gilda Radner. So why does it matter to separate men and women like that? Why not just say, "the most often cited influences are Bill Murray and Gilda Radner?" But I digress. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and having a peaceable discussion with me about it.

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On The Lost Roles of Gilda Radner

@Stephanie It's not your job, but doesn't the problem you're pointing come back to people not trying to be more sensitive when making statements? If Bradford should be more mindful of how he speaks...so should you, right? So should we all. But I'm not necessarily convinced that saying "girls" is sexist in every context. I definitely think it is in many. But your post made me ask a female and she said it isn't across the board even considered sexist. So it makes me think you might be reading a tone into it as you suggest in so many words that I did with your initial post. Is it not at all possible that Bradford was using the term "girls" colloquially and not for the purpose of demeaning women? Can females only be called "women" and never referred to colloquially in other terms like males have "men," "dudes," "guys," "fellas?" I definitely hear you, but to a point. I don't know that "girls" is considered offensive across the board like other words are. I think it depends on the tone when it comes to "girls." Like, the way Hugh Hefner says it. That's definitely said in a demeaning tone. And the worst of it is, Hefner doesn't *intend* to demean women when he says it, but you can tell in his tone that it is dismissive. However, the way Bradford used it, I don't know if I'd classify that as the same thing. Tone makes a difference does it not? Just like someone can say "woman" in a way that is offensive. What you're saying should be considered, no doubt, but I think this might not have been the best example of a man dismissing women.

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On How a Female Comic Was Assaulted Onstage Last Night

Wow. That article is startling and a big eye-opener. We've had quite a few female comics come through our room here in Greenville, SC and maybe it's just because it's the south, but we've never experienced this in our room. But because she and you shared this I will be more prepared if it ever does happen. I pray it doesn't happen to another soul ever again. That must be terrifying. And I agree with FubarGuy, the people running the show should've done something WAY sooner. Also, it boggles my mind that none of the other comics offered to exit with her...but again, I live in the south where it is common to walk ladies to their destination in case some creeper is out. We've gotta do a better job of taking care of the men and women around us. There is no good reason Gaby's set should have escalated to what it did. He should've been thrown out of the whole bar, not just the room. In my room, that's what would have happened AND he would have been put on trespassing notice. We've gotta do better.

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