By cooldude69 on Is Kevin Hart the Next Breakout Comedian?

I side with Nick S on this one. The fact that Hart is the biggest selling comedian out there right now is enough to tell you that he's not the next "breakout comedian." The dude has already broken out. That this article was even written seems to reveal more about the types of comedy/comedians this site pays attention to than it does about Hart.

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By Jason Farr@facebook on Daniel Tosh Starts Disgusting, Awful Movement

It's not an overreaction. They are right. This isn't any way to treat a lady. I wonder what Tosh would say if someone said to go up to all previously balding men and check their scalp to see if they're wearing a toupee or not while making it very obvious what you're doing. Don't think Tosh would be sensitive to this? Then why did he get his balding head fixed up to begin with? It's always easy to assail these women because YOU don't have to deal with what they do. Grow a pair and man up. That involves treating women with respect. Period.

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By beermestrength on Ricky Gervais Has Entered the "Fuck U H8ers" Portion of his Career

"Gervais is kind of becoming the Kanye West of comedy" Done. That's the whole article. Perfect.

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By Tyler Huckabee@facebook on Ricky Gervais Has Entered the "Fuck U H8ers" Portion of his Career

False. I almost hate Ricky Gervais. He is very funny, I think, but he's been so hellbent on being shocking and provocative and "atheist" (Oooooh!) lately that I just don't have patience to wade through all that for the actual comedy anymore. Patton Oswalt said something recently about how amateur comedians make fun of everyone else, but the real pros realize that they're the idiots that need to be made fun of. It's something Gervais used to understand that has gotten totally lost in his celebrity.

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By Colin Perkins on Are You Ready for The Office: The New Class?

Let. It. Die. This show is sputtering so badly that it's completely unrecognizable from the brilliant show it once was. The sequence last night with Brett Gelman as the magician was the climax of the show and was completely unfunny in every way. Nothing the characters were doing in that scene made any sense or rang true in any way. It was weird and uncreative and contrived. For God's sake, they managed to make Brett Freaking Gelman unfunny. That's really hard to do. Jim & Pam are now useless characters. Dwight's schtick is tired. Who cares about the accountants or Daryl or the other sales people. The Andy & Erin story has gone on far too long and is totally flat. It's time to give this thing a humane death. Reboots don't work. Remember the new version of Scrubs? Remember Golden Palace? Hell, do you remember Saved by the Bell: The New Class?

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By Kat Burdick on Daniel Tosh Starts Disgusting, Awful Movement

HEY GUYS! TOSH BRINGS YOU A GREAT NEW WAY TO GET PUNCHED IN THE NUTS!! I could NOT hate a comedy video "movement" more. Touching women without their permission is super dupes uncool. If it happens in front of me the video will transition from "lightly touching women's stomachs" to a whole new, much more thoroughly violent meme. Thanks for writing it up, linking Rachel Sklar's essay and helping spread the word that it's wicked shitty.

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By Buster Abbott@facebook on Saturday Night's Children: Will Ferrell (1995-2002)

Ferrell is one of the all-time SNL cast members. For me personally, it's been him and Eddie Murphy for the #1 spot, with Phil Hartman a close third.

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By Dirk on What Do You Think of Bill Burr's Rant Against the Alternative Comedy Scene?

I just don't get what's wrong with what he says the results are: what's wrong with a comedy womb (whatever that is)? No one's going to get anywhere unless they're funny. So it's not like the kids nowadays are getting some kind of easy ride. The hardest thing for comedians is not getting laughs; not the heckling per se, or the obnoxious behavior per se, but what brings those about: not getting laughs. That aspect of things is now still just as difficult for comedians as it ever was. Getting silence and people averting their eyes after a show, even if there's no heckling, is just as hard as being outright heckled.

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By Bradford Evans on The Lost Roles of Gilda Radner

@JSteph What about shows like "New Girl" and "2 Broke Girls?"

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By FubarGuy on How a Female Comic Was Assaulted Onstage Last Night

That is horribly unnerving, but having only gone to a handful of stand-up shows in my life I have to ask why the people running this place didn't throw the creep out before it escalated to such a point? I know heckling is part of the deal for many comics, but this sounds like something that could have been cut short if they were paying attention to what was happening.

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