A Sequel to a Week in Comedy

– We introduced you to SNL's new cast member Kate McKinnon.

– We guided you through the vast world of Los Angeles comedy.

– Ron Burgundy promised us all that Anchorman 2 is coming.

– We heard from Jay Baruchel and Seann William Scott about their hockey comedy Goon.

– We found the stunning connections between Hamlet and the Bluths.

– Bring your own holo-yarmulke to our future kid's bar-mitzvah, please. READ MORE


Five Reasons Ricky Gervais Deserves to Die

Just kidding! This is my goodbye post. I'll be taking off after today for other, sadly less wearing-pajamas-all-day work opportunities. It's been an honor covering your comedy news, and even if things got a little uncomfortable sometimes, I think we all had fun. I'm sure I'll be back 'round these parts, and until then you can find me in your hearts by closing your eyes and silently reciting a terrible pun three times (or just find me on Tumblr and Twitter). Special thanks to Frucci for the title of this post and for generally being the coolest boss around. See you later, friends!


Eagleheart Is Back in Full Bloody Form on April 12

Eagleheart returns to Adult Swim on April 12 at midnight, and with it comes the return of suspenseful music, Michael Gladis' deep Orson Welles voice, spurting blood, spurting blood, spurting blood, spurting vomit, and spurting blood. Based solely on this promo, that is. (Also more spurting blood.)


Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater Will Air on FX

Louis C.K.'s last standup special Live at the Beacon theater was wildly successful and paved the way for other comics to release their own albums online, but there's a hiccup in the practice of self-publishing: specials only qualify for Emmys if they air on television. And who doesn't want an Emmy? It's a beautiful gold flying lady that gives you career validation and affirmation every time you look at it! So C.K.'s special will air on FX, which he noted will also function "as a commercial" for buying it online. Not that he really needs a commercial, but sure, it can't hurt!


Community Remains Thrust Into Unfamiliar New Role as NBC's Thursday Night Champ

Community topped NBC's Thursday night ratings again last night, holding steady with a 1.7 rating with adults 18-49 even though it was up against a new Big Bang Theory. And with low 30 Rock,Office and Up All Night ratings, that kind of makes Community…not the underdog anymore? It's gotta be a confusing time for Dan Harmon and the rest of the writers. What do they even do with themselves if they're not desperately struggling to stay afloat?


Schwarzenegger, DeVito, Murphy to Make an Unholy Trinity in Triplets

"Guys, I've got it. You know how we've been wondering whether it would be too strange to make a sequel to Twins, the 1988 comedy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as experimentally conceived brothers? You know, since no one remembers that movie and Arnold hasn't done a movie since Terminator 3? Well, try this on for size: let's throw in a once-majorly-respected comedian who just did perhaps the worst movie of his career as the THIRD BROTHER. Is it just me, or did everything about this project suddenly fall perfectly into place?"


Ben Affleck Lends His Mug to a Political Comedy From the Writer of Crazy, Stupid, Love

…and it'll be called Crazy, Stupid, Politics. Wait, that's already a Bill Maher show. But politics are definitely getting a comedy boost in this election year, with the Ferrell-Galifianakis movie Southern Rivals and now the Ben Affleck-starring Nathan Decker, written by Dan Fogelman and centering on "a politician who is caught in an affair and returns to his hometown to confront his past." Bet you five bucks I can predict the name of Affleck's character before even seeing the trailer. It's Nathan Decker. Because that's what the movie is called. I bet you.


Up All Night Recap: "Letting Go"

Baby dogs within the first minute of the show? A Stevie Nicks musical number to close it out? You are crafty, Up All Night. You know what you're doing.

What they're really doing with the puppy, of course, is finding a reason to bring back Julian, Ava's charismatic ex. "Is this a 'ladies I'd like to do it with' convention?" he asks upon entering a room with Reagan, Ava and Missy in it. Oh God, and his pronunciation of "A poop loop" made me laugh harder than anything this show has done. READ MORE


Tracy Morgan Explains His Sundance Collapse

Last night Tracy Morgan told an understanding David Letterman all about his recent collapse at Sundance. I always knew there was some sinister ulterior motive behind the 30 Rock cast's publicity stunts, but I assumed it was ratings-related. Turns out it's just part of the elaborate game of one-upmanship between Alec "Just let me play this one word" Baldwin and Tracy "A-list" Morgan. What will Baldwin do next?


Avery Jessup Is Returning, Or Else Is Still Kidnapped

Avery Jessup is coming back to the US a free woman! Or possibly she will continue to be held hostage by Kim Jong-un. But either way, she'll be getting some screen time this May, when Elizabeth Banks reprises the role for May sweeps. The show's been stringing this North Korea plotline out for a while, so my bet is that Jessup will be back in the USA come sweeps. And what better excuse to bring Jack Donaghy's uncomfortable attraction to his mother-in-law to an awkward, incestuous head?


The World's Population May Die With Excitement Over a Charlie Kaufman Novel

Charlie Kaufman is writing a novel, and considering the power of his movies to make people go, "Whoa, that's an inventive way to articulate exactly how I didn't know I felt about art and communication and identity and the human condition," it's probably gonna be PRETTY GOOD. Meanwhile, we'll wait it out, along with Kaufman's upcoming movie musical Frank or Francis, starring Steve Carell and Jack Black as a director and a blog commenter. Don't hold your breath for that one! (Not because it sounds bad. Because it won't be out for months and you will die if you go that long without breathing. Do not die.)


Judd Apatow and Lena Dunham Get to the Bottom of Judaism and Boobs

Amid the hubbub about HBO's Girls, which premieres April 15, we still all have some important lingering questions. Like: Is Lena Dunham Jewish? Does this show have the most boobs of any Apatow production? What does Judd Apatow's laugh sound like? Is he available to sit by my bed when I wake up in the middle of the night and laugh gently and kindly while stroking my hair until I go back to sleep? The first three of these questions are answered in this Dunham-Apatow chat for Heeb Magazine; the fourth I'm still waiting on a response to. Any day now.


Ansari, Holmes, Schumer, Wright, Maron & More to Crush Bonnaroo With Comedy

Bonnarooooo: not just a fun thing to yell when you're drunk and pretending to be a wolf! It's also a good source of comedy. The festival has paired up with Comedy Central for the comedy portion of its 11th incarnation this June 7-10, and they've announced performances from Aziz Ansari, Pete Holmes, Amy Schumer, Steven Wright, Garfunkel & Oates, Marc Maron, and more (full list below). Now go arrange your rides to Tennessee in the comments. READ MORE


Ronna & Beverly Are On Their Way Across the Atlantic With Paul Feig

Beloved web series Ronna & Beverly didn't get picked up after its 2008 pilot in the US, but Sky Atlantic HD in the UK has ordered six episodes of the mock talk show, with Paul Feig producing. Guess the British did a better job of appreciating Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo's characters. “British audiences responded to these overbearing American characters, and the show is Ab Fab meets everyone’s obnoxious parents who ask horrifying questions,” said Feig. Fingers crossed for your return to the US, Ronna and Bev, but until then, cheerio, have fun driving on the left side of the road, and don't fall down the apples OR the pears. BOTH ARE DANGEROUS.