On Kingpin: The Farrelly Brothers' Biggest Flop and Greatest Triumph

Partly filmed in one of my high school hangouts, McKnight Lanes, the exterior of which is seen in an establishing shot. It's been torn down now, alas, I miss that scuzzy place.

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On The Lost Roles of Fast Times at Ridgemont High

If Nicolas Coppola was afforded his own trailer on the set of Fast Times, it was strictly because of his last name. Poor guy.

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On The Simpsons vs. NewsRadio and Party Down vs. The Bob Newhart Show

This series of posts has forced me to make harder decisions than Harry S. Truman ever had to make. (I went with NewsRadio, btw.)

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On Can Comedies with Long-Term Arcs and Jokes Survive on Network TV?

I'd like to add that NBC making the entire back log of episodes available, either via nbc.com, hulu, netflix, etc., would go a long way towards making a dense show accessible to those willing to start at the beginning and give this show a chance. Are they still clinging to potential lost DVD sales? And why isn't this show on Bluray?...

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On Is the 2011-2012 Sitcom Schedule the Worst in a Decade?

I'm willing to continue giving Man Up a chance. Mather Zickel, whose face should be familiar to comedy nerds as Louis La Fonda, the Newsreaders anchor from "The Ten", and Childrens Hospital, as well as roles on Reno 911! and Delocated, and a great turn on Party Down, gives a solid performance in the lead, and Dan Fogler and the rest of the cast are good in support. Admittedly, I got deja vu and thought I was re-watching the pilot when the second episode began again with the guys playing an online video game, and then the conflict seemed identical to the pilot, but I enjoyed the show overall. I'm not calling this the next great show, but I am saying it's deserving of a chance. I hope it's not getting a bad rap among my fellow comedy nerds due to it's bad, lowest-common-denominator title or its bad lowest-common-denominator lead-in. Also, produced by Garfield Grove who gave us my beloved Better Off Ted.

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On It's Always Sunny Recap: "The Storm Of The Century"

I have to agree. I had high hopes for this season, and so far they've been dashed. The show is still better than most of what's on TV, but I wonder if this show hasn't peaked and the boys wouldn't be better off getting Boldly Going Nowhere on the air. Going back over it in my head, Mac's pronunciation of "Poconos" was the funniest part of this episode, and that wasn't even fresh to the series. I'm still laughing, but I do feel like the show may have seen its best days. I hope I'm wrong about that. Also, who the fuck is Adam?

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On Checking In...with the Voice Cast of Home Movies

I'll chip in with Jen Kirkman as Nurse Kirkman as well.

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On The Comedy Sequels That Never Happened

Have I just not been a Splitsider reader long enough to recognize that duscussing Ghostbusters sequels ad nauseum is an in-joke?

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On Nathan Lane to Play a Guy Who Looks Like Nathan Lane But Isn't Nathan Lane

Pretty sure it's "On We Go", not "Here We Go", per the link. #corrections But, yeah, that sounds great.

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On The Lost Roles of Eddie Murphy

So, is it Shawn Wayans or Marlon? The pic is of Marlon, but the article isn't clear at all.

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