On Trade Roundup: Up All Night, Last Man Standing, Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23

Jesus, talk about burying the lede. #SaveCommunity

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On Kermit Was Kind of a Dick: Dissecting the Worries About the New Muppets Movie

With all due respect to Frank Oz and whoever the chickenshit who has concerns but won't name themselves(And I really do mean "all due respect", as I'm a massive fan of Henson's legacy up to and including Christmas Carol), the reason why the Muppets were a success is the reason why the Looney Tunes were a success and why Pixar is a success and others...not so much. CHARACTERS. If Segel, Stoller, Bobin etc. manage to create a movie with solid characters behind the jokes, and THEN make the jokes work, I don't think I care what the jokes are. Quite frankly, Jim Henson's legacy is everything Jim left us all, and the things that were made after his passing, including this movie, are the legacy of other people. If someone wants to make something that is a shrine to Jim Henson, then all power to them, I loved the guy. But unless the performances have enough of a rounded character behind them, they just won't matter, "fart jokes" or no fart jokes(Even though I think this article nails it - it's a joke about Fozzie being a bit crap, not about farts). Case in point, as has been recounted by Kevin Clash lately, regardless of what jokes or stories the great, late Richard Hunt could have said, he didn't have a feel for a character for the puppet he was using, so he literally threw it to Clash, who invented perhaps the most iconic muppet of this era, Elmo(Although it pains me to say that, as my favourites remain Gonzo and Grover). Get the writing of the characters right. Everything else is window dressing.

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On The Simpsons May End After This Season Due to Money Squabbling

I'll believe it when it happens - at this point it feels just like the last time this happened(Or maybe I'm just thinking of the FOX exec who announced they would replace the cast with any old bunch of people found on campuses nationwide). Having said that, I'm fine with it both ways. If it continues, then a high degree of the money should go to the people responsible for making the thing, less so for the people who administrate the pipe it gets fed through. If that won't happen and the show ends, I am also fine with that, because despite the current output being better than it was a few years ago, it's still not a patch on earlier years(Inevitably). Regardless of artistic/cultural/comedy merit, it's been a magnificent cash cow for all involved for a long time, and of what I understand, a hoot for most, if not all involved.

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On A Reactionary Week in Comedy

Link to the "Baby's Day Out" story from this page is currently broken - it adds an extra HTTP:// to the address and generally cocks up.

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On Arrested Development To Return With More Episodes, Confirm The Power Of Prayer

So very happy at this. 2013 seems so very far away, is my only complaint.

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On It's Official: No One Watches TV on the TV Anymore

While I feel a pang of concern for those who work at the lower limits of TV production(Pretty much everyone up to and including actors and directors who haven't hit it big yet), for how their future will become uncertain, this news doesn't shock me at all. What still shocks me is how uninterested the media conglomerates that own the TV networks are at actually doing anything about it. Much in the same way as the music industry being stung by the internet in the days of digital music's arrival on computers and PMPs, the TV industry's only answer to both changing tastes and the profligacy of new ways to enjoy the content, was to cut costs and put out a higher concentration of dreck(Specifically "reality" TV). The problems with both industries are very similar - they both grew too top-heavy with management positions and weighed down with investments they didn't need, in the face of a customer base that was changing wildly from the success stories of the 80's and 90's. Rather than remodel their businesses to create new revenue, TV networks seem more interested in desperately trying to wring out the stone ever more, while waiting for someone else to make the major step that will FORCE them to become something different. Terrifically disappointing, but hopefully it isn't completely terminal.

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On Elmo and Andy Samberg Have Some Issues to Work Out on Fallon

That really was uncomfortable.

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On Whitney and the Triumph Against the Discrimination of Sexy Women

Yeah, because the only way a woman could be sexy is by being pretty skinny and wearing an amount of facial make-up. The problem with some audiences was never that they hated the woman because she was pretty, but that the effort that went into looking "sexy", including both things like diet and exercise of a certain kind, aswell as the make-up and clothing used to achieve "sexiness" was as much a front as anything, and the kind of comedy audiences Dave Rath is talking about(Much as I respect his opinions), tend not to like people putting up fronts that aren't directly to do with the act. Personally I'm not sure how this qualifies things, and I know this may lessen my argument to some, but while I get Whitney Cummings as someone who fits into a stereotype of "sexy", she's not sexy to me. Leggero is, as are Silverman, Fey and Poehler, and I find those four hilarious regardless of whatever they do for me or someone else. Maybe I'm in the minority on this, but I don't care how attractive or unattractive a person is in regards to how funny they are - Okay, if they had a eyeless socket that was dripping with pus, then I'd have a hard time focusing on the delivery. But I'm pretty sure that when I didn't laugh at "Whitney"'s pilot episode, it wasn't because I was judging her for being sexy. I was just mad that it wasn't funny. P.S. - In which universe is Chelsea Handler sexy? I just don't get that. But Joan Rivers when she was young? Sexy.

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On Checking In...with the Stars of Fox’s Lesser-Known Sunday Night Shows

@Crackerjacker I see the correction.

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On Checking In...with the Stars of Fox’s Lesser-Known Sunday Night Shows

"...she’s also married to the always excellent Jon Hamm." Who, better not tell Jon Hamm that, he's always running his mouth around town that he's with some broad he doesn't feel the NEED to marry. Hang on, I'll just Google her name.....Seriously, it's no bother, it's the least I can do.....Ah.

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