On The Complete Dan Harmon Channel 101 Canon

So wait, is Daryl a baby or just a guy who really really likes them?

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On Which Comedian Had the Greatest Five-Year Span of Films?

After reading this list twice and still not seeing the greatest screen comedian of all time on it, I can only conclude that you've never seen "Opportunity Knocks."

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On Can Comedies with Long-Term Arcs and Jokes Survive on Network TV?

Seinfeld had long arcs.

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On Could Eddie Murphy Show Up at SNL This Weekend?

Actually, he left the show at the end of the 83-84 season and then returned the following season (84-85) to host the Christmas show. But the Spade shit is true because neither him, nor Mike Myers, nor Adam Sandler would've ever had a job if Eddie hadn't saved SNL from going off the air in the early 80s, so the writers clearing a joke like that knocking a guy to whom everybody on that show owes their careers was a serious lack of respect. Yes, it's comedy, but nobody makes Akroyd or Belushi jokes on the show. Eddie deserved his sainthood too.

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On Inside Modern Humorist with Co-Founders Michael Colton and John Aboud


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