On SNL Recap: Charles Barkley Hosts Sports Night

Outside of swapping with Wyndemere and Barkley App spots, pretty good summation. I have watched that app spot like 4 times and it's still hysterical. Someone has to explain to me the charm of Wyndemere. Honestly its bordering on my disdain for Gilly levels. /Also willing to accept an explanation on why people love Armisen's news reading character during WU.

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On Trade Roundup: Up All Night, Last Man Standing, Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23

Glad to see Up all Night moving to better slot. Always thought it was on an island before. Also, NBC confirmed they're suspending Community to bring back 30 Rock. I don't know how to feel about this. Glad 30 Rock's back but losing Community. Hmm.

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On Meet The League Of Extraordinary 30 Rock Characters

Oh man there's so much to love about this piece. Whats really doing it for me is the peacock feather tie that Kenneth's wearing. All about the little things.

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On Conan and Lopez Tonight: Now with More Lopez and Conan

Betting on an obligatory "Conan is yours in 5 years buddy." joke.

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On Comedy Central to Stream Bonnaroo Comedy Performances Live, Minus the Hippie Stank

Lewis Black, not Louis Black right? #Corrections. This looks like something I will love. Personally looking forward to the guys of the League.

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On Breaking Down Each Cast Member's Contributions to SNL Season 36

@Eric "It's hard cause there's windows there in the buildings I'm staying in and I'll look out of these windows and there'll be bros walking by and its not my fault if I think about what they'd look like soapy and wet." Classic.

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On Breaking Down Each Cast Member's Contributions to SNL Season 36

Wow, this is some impressive dedication to the show's dynamic here. I know this may sound like a hater/troll post but I prefered last year over this. Let me first ask: who likes "what's up with that?" I don't get it, its the same sketch everytime, they only do like 30 seconds of dialogue in a 5-10 minute sketch. Kenan needs to do more sex-aerobic sketches over WUWT. I personally think Jenny Slate was more talented than Nasim, who I think only got the job cause of the Kardashian sketches were becoming a part of the show. And while granted, thankfully they retired Gilly, I need more Target lady (I know I'm in a small minority here but I dont care. Hysterical to me.) I was really hoping for more Moynihan this year, but I fear his tenure may be drawing to a close.

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On The Ten Funniest Recurring Characters Currently on TV

It's a great list going on here but I gotta disagree on the Community spot. Pop-Pop over Leonard? I cringe whenever Pop-pop shows up but I'm already laughing whenever Leonard pops up.

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On Happy Endings Recap: "The Girl With The David Tattoo" And "You've Got Male"

(Why is the recap on the homepage vs the article/RSS feed different? The whole last paragraph on the homepage is missing on the article itself.) As for giving it a second season, someone needs to bring in another writer to help with Max's character. I feel like every episode there has to be a lame joke that he has to say to establish he's gay. Just be gay. Modern Family does this effortless with Mitchell and Cam gets to be silly but doesn't say "I'm gay but even that...yada yada yada" I enjoy the rest of the cast, especially Jane and Penny whom I'm glad found a new show.

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On Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet Cast in a Decidedly Un-Fizbo-Like Thriller

Glad to see him get a real role outside MF. I don't know how well he'll do as I've never seen him in anything outside comedy but I'll probably end up seeing this movie just to see what he can do.

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