On The 10 Most Ridiculous Portuguese Translations of Judd Apatow Movie Titles

About Anchorman, if portugese is anything like spanish, and it is, there probably is no word for Anchorman. We call them presenters, hosts, "conductores", or journalists. The rest are inexcusable. In spanish, Superbad was Supercool. All movies are terribly translated to spanish, because they feel the need to sell it ONLY through the title. Comedies have titles that try to describe that they are such, and dramas or thrillers do something similar. Airplane: Where's the pilot? Atonement: Atonement, Desire and Sin Star Wars: Galaxy Wars Police Academy: Crazydemy of Police (LOCAdemia de policías) Charlie Wilson's War: Power Struggle The Lincoln Lawyer: Innocent or Guilty Home Alone: My Poor Little Angel District 9: Sector 9 Reservoir Dogs: Street/stray Dogs Crash: Crossed/encountered/intertwined Lives Groundhog Day: Time Spell Good Will Hunting: Searching for Fate Die Hard: Hard to Kill A Clockwork Orange: The Mechanical Orange Jaws: Shark Annie Hall: Two Strange Lovers ILY Phil Morris: An odd couple Beverly Hills Cop: A detective let loose in Hollywood Hottubtimemachine: A crazy trip in time Spaceballs: SOS, There's a crazy man in space let's do IMDb's top 250: Shawshank: dreams of freedom Pulp Fiction: Violent Times 12 angry men: 12 struggling men Inception: The Origin One flew over: caught without an exit Rear Window: the indiscreet window silence lambs: silence of the innocent Se7en: Capital Sins and the list goes on. For some reason, kids movies, which should be more prone to "funny" titles, always keep their titles (except Hamburger Rain-cloudy with a chance of meatballs). Sorry for the long post but this has been annoying me for years.

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