On Jonah Hill Refuses to Compare 21 Jump Street to Never Been Kissed

Uhhhh? What does Jonah Hill have against Never Been Kissed? That movie is totally rufus.

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On Three Reasons Chris O'Dowd Is Super Chill

LOVE HIM! Love his face. The IT Crowd isn't even good, but I love him in that show.

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On 8 of MADtv's Most Memorable Characters

In retrospect, a lot of this stuff is ridiculous, but I LOOOOOOOVED it so much as a kid, it doesn't even matter. Not even one bit. Nicole Randall Johnson as "Can I Get Your Number" Darrel was a favorite and I loved (still do!) Will Sasso and Alex Borstein's Land That I Love sketches. I just can't find it in my heart to be too critical of Mad TV, whatever its faults.

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On Rich, Beautiful and Surprisingly Virtuous: A Whit Stillman Primer

I love Whit Stillman... but I've always viewed his movies as one ladder rung down from Portlandia on the Affectionate Parody Scale. He's obviously making fun of his own people because he's self aware enough to see how absurd the whole thing is... He's like Elizabeth Bennet. And the hyper stylized dialogue is great. And there are Black people in his newest movie! It's nuts!

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On Charles Farrar Browne, the Sometimes-Racist Father of Standup Comedy

"When he climbed on stage he had no lighting, no scenery, no costume, no makeup. All by himself, he made a theater full of people laugh for an hour and a half. His manager claims no one had ever tried such a thing before. And while the reviewers did seem to have a hard time explaining why people should go see a lecture with no substance, the audience seemed to figure it out just fine." When described this way, stand up seems a bit absurd, right? Great post!!!

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On Louis C.K.'s CBS Pilot Is Getting Weirder

@Hambulance Good point!

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On Hey Readers: What Do You Want to See More of on Splitsider?

I'm going to ninth the local comedy coverage thing. I'd love to see that.

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On Seinfeld vs. Community and South Park vs. The Larry Sanders Show

Seinfeld or Community???1?!?1one!?? How could I ever.... This is sick. (Also, Larry Sanders always wins, so.... yea.)

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On Fridays: The SNL Ripoff That Nearly Surpassed the Original

Love this! I have to look for more clips now. My interest is beyond piqued. I only had the most superficial knowledge about Fridays before this post. And Dennis - after I read it last year, Mr. Mike became one of my favorite books. The comment from Melanie - an actual cast member - is really awesome too.

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On In Today's Most Unexpected News, Louis C.K. Is Creating a Multi-Camera Sitcom for CBS

With Louis CK and Seinfeld involved, it should be good, right? And there's nothing inherently unfunny about shooting with more than one camera. I think a ton of this will depend on whether or not there are young writers involved (because of the subject matter) and who's cast in it. But I'm looking forward to seeing what this is.

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