On 20 Years Later, Looking Back at the Twisted Genius of Ren and Stimpy

Great article. Ren & Stimpy's probably the second most important TV cartoon of the 90's after The Simpsons. People take them for granted now but those shows pushed the bar way up for TV animation, which was mostly 30-minute action figure commercials at the time. The early Ren & Stimpy's, especially Stimpy's Invention, hit like a bolt of lightning and must have been a hard standard to live up to. I'm not sure if they should have continued the show without the creator, but many of the best artists remained after he got fired and made great episodes like Ren's Bitter Half and Stimpy's Cartoon Show. As for the 2003 "adult" Ren & Stimpy there's only one really great one and it's Ren Seeks Help, about Ren's psychopathic childhood. It's violent, dark (almost unsettling) and different from the original show. The "Lost Episodes" DVD set is worth renting just for that one. The rest of the episodes are more uneven. I was really excited for new Ren & Stimpy with the return of the show's creator, but the show was not managed in a way that could have possibly let it succeed.

Posted on June 15, 2011 at 7:06 am 0