On Jenny Slate's New Video Is Funny And Good For Your Self-Image

That is just an awesome video. Beautiful.

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On Due West: A Roundtable Discussion on New York's Ongoing Comedy Exodus

The Onion's T. Herman Zweibel commentary today is interesting in that it indicates the writers are angry enough to publicly rip on their employer for the move. http://www.theonion.com/articles/im-moving-this-miserable-periodical-to-the-yukon,26332/

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On Variety Names Its 10 Comics to Watch for 2011

Is it all right if I link to this great sketch Josh was in a couple of years ago? He played "Project Runway" contestant Christian and was funny as H. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvF9xYBnPoE

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On Talking to Maria Bamford

She's one of the best.

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On Watching the Curb Your Enthusiasm Porn Parody: Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Bad

Wow. "Tattoo of a fart" is really funny. Very nice.

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On A Don Rickles/Bristol Palin Reality Show Seems Almost Inevitable At This Point

Just such a bad show. Jay is startlingly dead and Palin can't really talk.

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On Saturday Night’s Children: Kenan Thompson (2003-Present)

I also like his character on "Weekend Update" what says, "Fix it!"

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On Tom Hanks Commits Hard to Delivering the Weather on Univision

It's an amusing moment in terms of Hanks, etc. but, really, when the weather woman turns sideways or around, everything else is out the window.

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On But How Does it Hold Up?

There is one movie, though, that truly holds up for me and it's because so much of the humor relies on Gene Wilder's character and his comedic acting as opposed to jokes that lose their surprise over time: "Young Frankenstein." Yes, there are some jokey jokes in it, but Wilder is allowed to carry the film with, again, just his acting chops.

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