Body Switching Movies and the Flimsy Justifications for Their Magical Premises

-Freaky Friday (1976), (2003) — Mother and Daughter switch bodies, in 1976 because it's Friday the 13th, in 2003 because of a magical fortune cookie.

-Like Father Like Son (1987) — Father and Son switch bodies by accidentally drinking brain transference serum.

-Vice Versa (1988) — Father and Son switch bodies by both touching a magical skull.

-18 Again! (1988) — Grandfather and Grandson switch bodies by birthday wish/car accident.

-Big (1988) — Young kid switches to middle aged man by a fairground machine.

-Dream A Little Dream (1989) — Old man and rebellious teen switch bodies by meditation and being knocked unconscious. READ MORE


Other Horrible Bosses, In Order

12. James Karen — Lynch from Wall Street

11. Brian Doyle Murray – Mr. Frank Shirley from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

10. Bill Murray — Frank Cross from Scrooged

9. Zach Grenier — Richard Chesler from Fight Club

8. Dave Koechner — Dan from Waiting

7. John Mahoney — Grant Gubler from Reality Bites READ MORE


Scenes of Carnage and Chaos at the Mall, In Order

10. Paul Blart Mall Cop

9. Terminator 2

8. Low Down Dirty Shame

7. Observe and Report

6. Chopping Mall READ MORE


The Selected Filmography of Rodney Dangerfield, In Order

8. Rover Dangerfield

7. Meet Wally Sparks

6. Little Nicky

5. Ladybugs

4. Natural Born Killers READ MORE


Not-So-Successful Attempts at Comedy by Serious Directors, In Order

8. 1941 — Steven Spielberg

7. Brewster's Millions — Walter Hill

6. Vampire In Brooklyn — Wes Craven

5. Wise Guys — Brian De Palma READ MORE


Actors Who Don't Pull Off Playing Musicians, In Order

10. Jeff Bebe and Russell Hammond of Stillwater (Billy Crudup, Jason Lee) – Almost Famous

9. Michael Pare – Eddie and the Cruisers

8. The Lone Rangers (Brandan Fraser, Steve Buscemi, Adam Sandler) – Airheads

7. Stuart Townsend – Queen of The Damned

6. Micheal J. Fox – Light of Day READ MORE