On Listening to the DVD Commentary for Community, "Contemporary American Poultry"

I remember this being the first episode where I really fell in love with this show. I love Goodfellas and chicken fingers so much..

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On Sophie's Choice: The Simpsons vs. Arrested Development


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On Why Whitney is the Best New Network Sitcom of 2011-2012

Chris D'Elia definitely does make this show watchable. I continued to follow this show from the beginning and it's kind of grown on me, something that I like watching with my wife because of its relationship humor. Her favorite new show is actually New Girl, probably due to Schmidt and Nick. Suburgatory definitely grew on me as one of the better new shows, I love anything with Dalia. Up All Night I figured was going to be the best due to the cast, it's not a bad show but it's never a really funny show. Two Broke Girls I'm not going to lie, I'm watching that for Kat Dennings. I'm just glad they took Whitney off the Thursday night block, Up All Night is a much better fit.

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On How I Met Your Mother Recap: "Karma"

wasn't as memorable as the past couple of episodes but the ending really won me over, especially the use of My Morning Jacket's "Look At You" which brought a tear my eye

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On Battle of the 90s Juggernauts: Seinfeld vs. The Simpsons

this is one i'm staying out of, sorry :)

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On The Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament: Round One Results!

sad to see no more parks in the running but even I voted against it :( very sad to see south park beat out larry sander's flip, and south park is like the only show I've ever had merchandise from

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On Parks and Rec vs. Arrested Development and WKRP in Cincinnati vs. MASH

parks and rec vs AD.. this is initially pretty difficult but then I recall how many times I've used pier pressure to turn people on to arrested development hopefully parks and rec has another shot in the votes

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On Talking Key and Peele with Series Director Peter Atencio

I wasn't sure how I'd like this show but the previews were surprisingly funny. This is a huge contrast to the Nick Swardson show. I found every sketch funny and entertaining, not a single low point. Off to a great start so far, looking forward to more.

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On SNL Recap: Jimmy Fallon Comes Home for the Holidays

that 1 man show sketch had me floored with laughter weekend update joke off was another highlight of the night for me def think tracy morgan didn't seem all that interested to be there, chris kattan on the other hand was a little TOO excited

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On Parks and Rec Recap: "The Treaty"

I loved Andy's strategy of trading for everyone's lions

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