On Justifying the Comedy of Justified

You left out Dewey Crowe though. That dude (and Dickey Bennett) are the comic backbone of the show.

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On Letterman's 10 Most Genuine Moments with His Guests

These are all great, but the one missing is the Letterman/Zevon summit. Dave dedicated the entire show to Warren Zevon a few months before he died, gave him the chance to perform live for the last time, and we got one hell of a quote out of it: "Enjoy every sandwich." Sage advice from a man who knows he's dying. And it definitely showed Letterman's more genuine side.

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On CollegeHumor and Funny or Die Just Released Pretty Much Identical Videos

Or maybe both writing teams got "inspired" by this McSweeney's post from October 7th? http://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/occupy-main-street It all goes 'round and 'round, just like talented songsters Ratt once told us.

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On Seth MacFarlane to Reboot, Ruin The Flintstones

@cooldude69 I'm sure he'll think of all sorts of clever ways for humans to use dinosaurs as everyday tools, and for the dinosaur to say "Ehhh, it's a living!". I don't understand why there's such reverence for a show that wasn't ever that funny. Old doesn't always mean funny, it just means old.

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On This Week in Comedy Podcasts

There wasn't a new Best Show this week, but The Best Show Gems are good for a visit. But I get the feeling you won't be including Tom on any of these lists anytime soon.

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On NBC Has a Hit with The Voice; What's That Mean For Their Comedies?

Let's not worry about this. NBC has proven time and time again that they are incapable of making bad programming decisions. Nothing can possib-lie go wrong.

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On Summer 2011 Comedy Preview: Movies

@Dr.Zoidberg It's on page 2. You weren't wondering why their version of "summer" seemed to end on June 24th?

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On The Graduate: The Father of the Modern Comedy of Awkwardness

"...non comedic films like "Little Fockers". That wasn't very subtle. But I liked it.

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On Louis CK Talks About Why He Ditches Funny Jokes on HBO's Talking Funny

So after watching this, the one weak link was Gervais. I liked him in his episodic stuff, but he was just so out of sync at times when put in a room with stand up comics that it was painfully obvious. I was hating him by the end, and wondering who's dumb idea it was to invite him. Then I saw the production credit and realized it was him who put it together. I kept trying to imagine what it would have been like with just Rock, Seinfeld and C.K. chatting instead.

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On Louis CK Talks About Why He Ditches Funny Jokes on HBO's Talking Funny

Seems like a semi-similar concept to "The Green Room", which I've liked some episodes of. I'll have to see if I can check this out somehow. I don't have HBO. I'll have to do some digging.

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