On What Non-Comedy Songs Make You Laugh?

Jonathan Richman's monologue about Bermuda (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_SYDA-jVPg)!

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On Chris Gethard Continues Taking Names on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

i love this. LOVE IT.

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On This Erotic Stefon/Seth Meyers Fan Fiction Will Drastically Change the Tone of Your Tuesday

I don't know if I'm surprised by how well this is written or not. "Their lips never broke contact with each other, but the slide of bodies, the realignment made it suddenly even more personal. Horizontally personal, despite the fact that they were still standing in this too-loud club with its pulsating strobe lights and, Jesus, was that a dancing giraffe in the corner? How had he not noticed a giraffe in the corner?"

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On The Jack and Jill Trailer Where Adam Sandler Plays His Own Sister and Oh Fuck It I Quit

Most appropriate headline possible

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On Dickhouse Pays Tribute to Ryan Dunn: The Man, The Stunts, The Bruised Testicles

So poignant!

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