On Defending Adam Sandler

I'll say this much: Happy Gilmore is great stuff - no qualifiers. Billy Madison is horrifyingly bad, but also pretty funny. I re-watched The Wedding Singer with my 12-year-old sister-in-law a couple years back and it actually held up not bad. 50 First Dates was surprisingly not awful. I mean, it was awful, but also a little sweet.

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On Roger Ebert Won't Dignify Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie With a Review

@Just One Thing OK, you're just being an asshole. Critics and dumb comedies just don't mesh. Ever. Ebert's review of Wet Hot American Summer is one of the great examples of someone totally missing the point, but he wasn't alone. The reviews for MacGruber were also scathing. It's just how it goes. Critics also hated The Jerk when it came out.

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On Eddie Brill Responds to His New York Times Profile

Brill's not the first guy to say this and he's not entirely wrong either. If you're just looking at the female standup class, a masculine (for lack of a better word) is a very common approach. Look at Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Lisa Lampinelli or Roseanne (who once said, "Some people say I'm not feminine enough. Well they can just suck my dick"). There are obviously female standups who skew outside of a sort of "one of the guys" persona, but when I think of prominent female standups, I think of ones who defy the constrictions of feminine. I'm not saying that's wrong or right, I love some of those ladies, I'm just saying Brill was not necessarily off-base with his comments.

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On SNL Recap: Charles Barkley Hosts Sports Night

@iamjustryingtolive While I agree with you, having the guys try to talk up one of the white female castmembers would have possibly brought upon another variety of unfortunate joke.

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On Saturday Night Live's One Season Wonders

The best one season cast members were Martin Short, Christopher Guest, Billy Crystal, Rich Hall, David Koechner, Jerry Minor, Rob Riggle and Michaela Watkins. What was you criteria for picking these people?

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On The Awkward, Hostile, and Absolutely Hilarious Late Night Appearances of Charles Grodin

The SNL bit WAS planned and it's fairly terrific. The one thing that irks me is the frequently flogged concept that people get "banned" from SNL. One of the most famous myths is that Chevy Chase was banned from SNL for being a prick when he hosted (twice) in the mid-80s and (twice again) in the mid-90s. Since he last hosted in the 96-97 season, Chase has made at least five additional cameos. People need to learn the difference between "banned" and "not asked to host again."

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On Which Comedian Had the Greatest Five-Year Span of Films?

@Joshua Kurp Now I don't necessarily think Sandler belongs there, but I think you would have to go 1994-1998 for him to include Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore (oh, and a little movie called Dirty Work).

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On SNL Recap: Emma Stone and the Rules of Recurring Sketches

Really enjoyed the Devil piece, I thought it was a funny way to respond to a touchy subject. Garth and Kat, on the other hand, is soooo stale it's literally not funny. Also, I could happily never see that Secret Word sketch again. Also also, the Bridal Shower Gifts sketch worked well enough for me. Certainly better than any of the recurring bits.

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On Colin Quinn Explains Those Laugh-A-Minute Will Ferrell Tweets

I agree with Quinn, the fact that people missed the joke (even this website), seems pretty hilarious in itself.

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On Saturday Night's Children: Jimmy Fallon (1998-2004)

Fallon was frustrating on the show, absolutely, but I think people forget how much he improved on Update. I think by his last two seasons he was actually better than Fey. Of course, I also thought the Fey/Poehler pairing was awful, so I think I'm in the minority.

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