On Is The Office Floundering Without Steve Carell?

I've been having this argument for a couple of weeks now. And he's dead on right about it. It's not that I dislike the show as it is, but holy crap, you really appreciate Steve Carrell and Michael Scott and what the actor and the character brought to the show. It's just like you've given me a bowl of skittles and removed all the reds. Well, thanks, I love skittles but this certainly won't be as good. I was really looking forward to Robert California, but then they crapped all over that idea and only made him another bit part. I think Spader should be the centerpiece, Andy should go back to his old job. He's just a far less interesting, far less funny version of Michael Scott. He was a great compliment and a terrible "boss" of The Office. They brought a new, talented actor in and then wasted him. Hopefully Catherine Tate sparks it, otherwise I'll just continue to lament (while still watching the show until its finale of course) and chuckle while saying "this is so much worse than it used to be."

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On Let's Talk About the Whitney Pilot, Shall We?

I watched it last night and I'll watch it again mainly because I'm a pathetic loser who likes looking at Whitney Cummings. I was, however, incredibly embarrassed for the show and the people in it. This show would fit in perfectly at CBS - why would you put in on behind 3 of the best sitcoms on network television, and ones that are sans laugh-track/live audience/whatever? I see what NBC is doing. Despite being superior in every way to 2 and a Half Men, their Thursday night lineup is suffering in the ratings and will suffer even more without Steve Carell. (Robert California debut = Sadly letdown) So they are going for that last common denominator sitcom again. But please put it on somewhere else. It doesn't belong on Thursday nights. I'll also say that my biggest actual issue with the show was the setup-punchline, setup-punchline writing style and recycled jokes. Any show can get past a laugh track if its funny... this isn't funny. It doesn't matter how "dirty" she thinks the jokes are, the concepts are tired, the pace is tedious. Booooo. I most of all feel bad for myself because I'll continue to watch just to look at Whitney for 22 minutes.

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On Can Whitney Survive Its Ad Campaign? A Discussion

That billboard picture reminds me of the opening of the season 7 episode of The Office where they are taking a picture for a Christmas card and then Kevin suggests "How about all the men stand on one side and all the women stand on the other side and the men are like 'Why I oughtta' and the women are like 'Lets go shopping'" It's painfully setup in a "Oh no she din't!" kind of way. I want to believe that because NBC has four great comedies that they'll continue to do well on Thursday nights but then we get Perfect Couples, Paul Reiser, and Outsourced and I'm reminded of why NBC is still the #4 network. Do better.

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On The Episodes of Seinfeld, In Order

I would have put The Dealership in my top 10. Then I realized that Seinfeld is amazing, has that many good episodes, and lists are arbitrary and silly anyway.

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