We've Got Your Comedy-Related Halloween Costumes Right Here

Halloween is on Monday, but all the Halloween parties are this weekend. Have you chosen your costume yet? No? You need to hurry! Don't you know that if you don't have the best, most clever costume, no one will ever love or respect you? You've got a lot riding on the line here! You need something amazing to get wasted in on Saturday!

Well, we're here to help. We've gathered up a whole slew of comedy-related costume ideas for you, ranging from the ambitious and work-intensive to the insanely lazy. No matter how committed to this whole night of dress-up you are, you'll find something here your speed. READ MORE


Can Whitney Survive Its Ad Campaign? A Discussion

Adam: Can we talk about these Whitney ads? Will anyone who has seen them watch the show? Because they are truly awful. I feel like they're going to kill the show off before anyone even sees it.

Halle: Okay, here's the thing. I understand that everyone has their own taste in comedy, and we can no more escape our own preferences than we can change them. Also, you and I are people who are (willfully) inundated with comedy all the time, so we probably have an even more specific view on many comedy-related things. Perhaps we are even, let's say, persnickety

Adam: I would say we are DEFINITELY persnickety.

Halle: That being said…the Whitney ad campaign seems like something they had in a box in a storage room somewhere for 15 years that they just dusted off for this particular show.

Adam: Oh my god, totally. Sitcoms featuring standups, named after the standup! I just keep thinking about the show Jerry and George were trying to make for NBC on Seinfeld, and it was called Jerry. And even that was a joke back then!

Halle: Exactly. I'd like to cite one specific poster, if I may. READ MORE


Splitsider's Perfect World Emmy Nominations

We saw the real Emmy nominations this morning, which included nods for many wonderful people but also notable absences from plenty of very deserving folks as well. So we decided to make up our own list of nominations. And hell, we added a few categories as well, since we gave ourselves all this power. Might as well! Consider these the real, official nominations unless we tell you otherwise, OK? READ MORE