On Who's the World's Worst Father, Frank Reynolds or George Bluth, Sr.?

I agree with the above comment.

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On Comedy Central Developing "Bad Advice From My Brother" Blog Into a Show While Your Tumblr Stays Un-optioned

Now if only Texts From Bennett can get its own show on Comedy Central we would all be happy.

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On Jim Gaffigan's Self-Released Special "Mr. Universe" Is Available Today

Joe Rogan will be releasing his special in a few months for only $5.00 also.

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On Saturday Night's Children: Will Ferrell (1995-2002)

I've always wondered what happened to Will. When he was on SNL i really thought he would be the breakout star.

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On Just For Laughs Chicago Announces its Preliminary Lineup

@maribrand19 Maybe they want to actually use good female comics as they are with Amy Schumer and not just booking more unfunny female comics just to fill up a quota many people percieve that festivals should adhere too.

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On Legendary Comedian Bill Hicks Was Definitely a Legend, but Was He a Comedian?

Would this author consider Stanhope a comedian? If not he should never speak of comedy again and leave it up to the big guys. Hicks was hilarious and Stanhope is even more so. Stanhopes new cd "Before turning the gun on himsel" is a masterpiece.

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On Seth MacFarlane Is a Bong-Smoking Teddy Bear in the Red Band Trailer for Ted

I laughed the whole way through. Can't wait to see it.

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On This Week in Comedy Podcasts

Haha. The Lucy Snorebush story was the best.

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On This Week in Comedy Podcasts

Walking the Room, YMIW- Live and Duncan Trussell Family Hour were all great this week. My mind was blown when i was listening to The Family hour with guest Pete Holmes. Lucky i had assistance from a substance to guide me through and support me when i bought almost eb=very book that was referenced off amazon. The Ice House Chronicles and also The Bone Zone with Brendon Walsh and The Doorknockers would be great to have a review next week also. As the wise man above said "YES! POSITIVE ENERGY Steven Brody Stephens voice.

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On This Week in Comedy Podcasts

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