Heineken Put on a Show to Reveal the Legendary Side of Ordinary People

Last month Heineken put on a mind-blowing interactive theater show at New York's The McKittrick Hotel. It was part play, part choose-your-own-adventure mindwarp, with an eclectic cast of characters who encouraged the audience to become a part of the show.

When guests arrived, a few lucky attendees were invited to take on the challenge; to think on their feet, stay cool under pressure, and take the stage in a variety of challenging scenes. Those who said yes were treated to a bizarre sequence of dream-like events–everything from starring in a Bollywood film to performing standup comedy for a grumpy old man. You just gotta watch the video.

“The Guest of Honor” provided an opportunity for everyday people to get outside their comfort zone and take the stage. In past “social experiments,” Heineken has sent people to unknown destinations around the world on the spot, and broadcasted holiday karaoke-singers in Times Square. What legendary scenes will Heineken pull off next? And will you take the stage? Join the conversation with #guestofhonor and #openyourworld.


Sour Patch Kids Gum Gives Unsuspecting Shoppers A Sour Then Sweet Surprise

We've all experienced that sour-then-sweet taste of Sour Patch Kids, which can now be found in the form of chewing gum. In order to celebrate the launch of Sour Patch Kids Gum, the pranksters behind the candy set up a series of clever surprises at a seemingly normal convenience store. The unwitting victims of these pranks are treated to a surprise that's sour, but then turns into something sweet. Watch the video then check out youtube.com/user/StrideChewingGum for more.


Robitussin Presents: The COUGHEQUENCES™

A bad cough while you're giving a big speech at an important event? Nightmare town, population: you. Don't let the horror story from this video happen to you. Check out how this teaser ends at COUGHEQUENCES.com and learn more about how Robitussin® can bring you fast, powerful cough relief. Enter for a chance to win a vacation for two, a smart TV, or a gift card, then grab a coupon for a bottle of Robitussin®.


Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Fool Journalist Who Was Convinced Test Drive Was a Fake

Jalopnik's Travis Okulski was convinced that Pepsi MAX's Test Drive video featuring Jeff Gordon from last year was a fraud. So Pepsi MAX & Jeff decided they needed to prove him wrong. They staged another Test Drive, this time with Travis as the unsuspecting passenger.

Watch the video at youtube.com/pepsi, then follow the story with #TestDrive2 and check out facebook.com/pepsimax for more


Get Ready for Newcastle Brown Ale's Big Game Teaser

Newcastle Brown Ale didn't want to blow their annual marketing budget on a big blowout advertisement during this year's Big Game, BUT, they had some fun putting together some zany ideas that they would have made for a big-budget extravaganza. Battle Apes? Party Sharks? Skateboarding Cats? These are just a few of the ideas they came up with. Watch the teaser, then head over to IfWeMadeIt.com to see how their big ideas were brought to life on a not-so-big budget. Fans can join in on the fun by following Newcastle Brown Ale on Facebook and Twitter.


Introducing the Oreo Cookie Balls Rap

Oreo cookies. Cream Cheese. Chocolate. So simple, so sublime. Your guests will be spending some quality time together by the dessert table when you lay these babies out. Watch the Oreo Balls rap, then head to Oreo's Facebook page to check out 'Twelve Days of Cookie Balls' where you can find fun ways to create and decorate these delicious holiday desserts.


Heineken's Carol Karaoke Puts Karaoke Singers in the Limelight

Imagine you're heading to the stage in a private karaoke room, surrounded by your BFFs. Then, suddenly, a curtain is whipped back to reveal a small studio. You're not performing for your friends — you're potentially performing for all of NYC. But only if you want to. What do you decide?

That's exactly the scenario that a few unsuspecting holiday revelers found themselves in. Heineken staged the event as part of its #CarolKaraoke program. A few of them balked under pressure, but a few managed to work up the courage to give it their all. 

Meanwhile, Heineken's been trying to figure out more about how people celebrate the holidays with karaoke. According to their surveys, the top three holiday songs are: 

1. "Jingle Bell Rock"
2. "Winter Wonderland"
3. "All I Want for Christmas is You"

Share the fun with #CarolKaraoke on Twitter. Tell your friends how you'd react if you had to make a snap decision about performing in front of thousands. 


A Very Comic Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday gives us an opportunity to step back, relax, and give thanks for all the good things in life. Things like renaissance-fair-style turkey drumsticks, mulled wine, and the unconditional love of family and friends. Not to mention obnoxious second cousins, manic holiday travel, drunk uncles and recipes gone horrible awry.

So to get you ready for the adventures ahead this Thanksgiving week, we went out and spoke with 7 of the most hilarious comedians out there about their most memorable, embarrassing and wild tales from Thanksgivings past. Many thanks to our presenting sponsor Samsung.

Get excited. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!

Michael Somerville

Last year my girlfriend and I were supposed to spend our first Thanksgiving together with her family in Virginia. Only I booked a job doing interviews at the Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC so couldn't make the trip. She was disappointed but understood.

On Thanksgiving, I finished the job around 2pm and headed to my parent's house in N.J.— they were out of town but I figured being alone for the day would be more comfortable on their couch than in my tiny apartment. Upon arriving, I decided to Skype my girlfriend and wish her family a Happy Thanksgiving. After all, I had a nice outfit on— heck, I was even wearing TV makeup— might as well capitalize.

The call scored major points. I complimented their lovely dinner table and promised to make up for my absence the following year. My girlfriend said I looked adorable. I closed the computer, turned on football and opened a beer.

Normally I love traditional holidays but I quickly saw the benefits of a Thanksgiving with no obligation. Not making small talk or eating food just to be polite– this wasn’t bad at all. Just a man, a beer and some football. READ MORE


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'This is the End' on DVD and Blu-ray October 1

James Franco, Seth Rogen and more starred in box office hit This is the End, an end-of-days comedy about what happens to a bunch of celebrities when the apocalypse hits. You can buy it on digital now, or put in an order for the DVD and Blu-ray Combo Pack's October 1 release at Amazon.com. Watch the trailer above, then secure your copy now!


Surface Pro: Behind the Scenes, Featuring Superjail! Creator Christy Karacas

The second episode of Microsoft's Surface Pro: Behind the Scenes, a three-part series featuring an intimate look at creative inspirations behind the work of influential artists, features New York-based animator Christy Karacas and creator of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Superjail! Series. The episode follows Christy around his home borough of Brooklyn as he researches, creates storyboards and animates his characters all with his tablet.

For more on the Surface head over to surface.com


Pranksters Plumb Entire House with Beer

If you enjoy catching up with your friends for a cold beer and a good laugh, check out this video where a group of friends combine both for the ultimate gag. Over the years, Russell Brown has played plenty of gags on his group of friends, so his brother Sean – with buddies in tow – decided to team up with the help of Tui Brewery to get him back. Sean and his friends decided to plumb beer through Russell's home in Auckland, New Zealand, tapping every faucet (even the shower) to pour cold beer – to the surprise of Russell and dismay of his wife.

Check out Russell's hilarious reaction in this videos and here at www.youtube.com/littlejohnnynz.


Check Out Moto X's Sexy Touchless Controls

The new Moto X has a ton of new features, but one of the coolest is the ability to use all kinds of useful tools without having to press a single button. The intuitive touchless controls offer the ability to prepare for intimate moments without losing your smoothness or killing the vibe. Check out the video to see what we mean, then head over to YouTube.com/Motorola to learn more about this extra-smart phone's killer new features.


Old Navy Denim Will Make You Ridiculously Good Looking

Fall fashion season is upon us and that means it's time to upgrade the ol' wardrobe (cost efficiently, of course). So while we thought about giving you a list of the 37 people who wore denim best throughout history as inspiration, we instead decided to take a note from The Awl and present without commentary, not a list of outdated denim, but instead the finest and most interesting lower half options that Old Navy has to offer this Fall. Well, fine, presented with limited commentary. We couldn't help ourselves.


The Rockstar Printed Skinny Jeans – Denim Star