The Collected Wisdom of Cristela Alonzo


Presented by ABC's Cristela.

Comedian Cristela Alonzo has had a pretty big year. She was named to Variety’s “10 Comics to Watch,” Cosmopolitan’s “10 Female Comedians to Watch For,” and L.A. Weekly’s “10 Comedy Acts to Watch in 2014.” Alonzo is hardly an overnight success; she’s been a touring stand up for more than a decade, playing by her own estimate more 300 colleges. That lead to appearances on Conan, Live at Gotham, Last Comic Standing, The Late Late Show, and a Comedy Central Half Hour special, among others.

This fall, Alonzo is coming to series television with the new ABC comedy Cristela. Co-created the show with Kevin Hench, Alonzo based the show on her life and family, drawing from her upbringing in a small border town in Texas.

Here’s a taste of Alonzo’s wise wit, culled from her voluminous stand up material and interviews.

(Cristela premieres October 10 at 8:30 pm/7:30 pm central on ABC.) READ MORE


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Neil Patrick Harris Can’t Drink Heineken Light in Commercial

Brought to you by Heineken Light.

Due to complicated broadcast regulations, Neil Patrick Harris is not allowed to drink Heineken Light, winner of the 2013 World Beer Championship's Best Tasting Light Beer, in this commercial. But trust us, if he did drink it, he would enjoy it tremendously, but not on camera.


Friskies® Presents “Don’t Be So Hard On Your Cat”


Stephen Merchant Ponders, What If the Brits Won? 

Brought to you by Newcastle Brown Ale

America, as you prepare to fire up the grill and enjoy the fireworks this Independence Day, Newcastle invites you to celebrate Independence Eve on July 3rd, and imagine how great America could have been if Britain won. To help explain further, we've enlisted British comedian Stephen Merchant, co-creator of the original British version of The Office. And just like his landmark comedy series, he believes the American version of our country pales in comparison to the British original. In his charming British accent, Stephen makes a convincing case for what could have been the greatest country on Earth: Great Britain 2. 

Visit www.ifwewon.com to get a taste of this alternate universe of better comedy, classier curse words and buses that reach for the sky. But most importantly, get a taste of how much more beer Newcastle would've sold if we won. Scores and scores of beers. 


Mel's Mini Mini Mart


Join Comedian Hasan Minhaj at 3:30 EST/12:30 PST for a Live Twitter Q&A #chatSUP

Hey everyone, go join comedian Hasan Minhaj (Chelsea Lately, Last Call with Carson Daly, MTV) at 3:30 EST/12:30 PST for a live twitter Q&A using the hashtag #chatSUP. Hasan will be discussing such topics as: his new series Stand Up Planet, being funny (or not), the state of comedy around the world, and how to make deadly serious global issues hilarious and relevant.

In case you didn't know, Stand Up Planet is part-travelogue and part-reality show bringing audiences to Johannesburg, South Africa and Mumbai, India to tap into the socially aware comedy scene. You can see first hand how brave comedians are using their stand up routines to take on serious issues such as HIV, sanitation and hunger.

At the end of the journey, Hasan invites India's Aditi Mittal (@awryaditi) and South Africa's Mpho Popps (@mphopopps) to perform at Hollywood's iconic Laugh Factory alongside American comics Michelle Buteau (@michellebuteau), James Adomian (@jadomian) and Nate Bargatze (@natebargatze). Along the way, the comedians were fortunate enough to meet comedy legends and Stand Up Planet supporters Norman Lear, Bill Cosby and Carl Reiner, who gave them some sage advice.

Stand Up Planet (@standupplanettv) airs across the country on Wednesday, May 14. For local air-times, check www.standupplanet.org/tune-in or watch the show online at www.standupplanet.org.

Stand Up Planet: The Revolution Will Be Hilarious.


Watch This Awesome Trailer for 'Stand Up Planet'

The two-hour Stand Up Planet special premieres Wednesday, May 14th on Link TV, Pivot, and KCET (LA)

Like any comedian in the U.S., comedians abroad make light of the stuff they encounter on a day-to-day basis. Stand Up Planet is a documentary TV show and digital series that showcases life in some of the toughest places on Earth through the lens and experiences of stand-up comics. Hollywood comedian Hasan Minhaj takes you to bustling Mumbai and Johannesburg to meet up-and-coming comedians around the globe. It's equal parts reality TV, documentary and travelogue. You can check out the trailer above.

Stand Up Planet will also feature a slew of comics from all over the world, like Aditi Mittal, Mpho Popps, James Adomian, Michelle Buteau and Nate Bargatze.

The two-hour Stand Up Planet special premieres Wednesday, May 14th at 7 PM eastern & pacific on Link TV. You can also watch it on PIVOT at 7 PM eastern & 6 PM central and on KCET at 9 PM pacific. The first hour is the documentary following Minhaj as he travels abroad. The second hour is the comedy showcase, hosted by Minhaj, which features a variety of comedians performing at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

Click here for details on how to watch.


Check Out OREO Snack Hacks

While still a favorite way to eat the classic cookie, OREO is going beyond twist, lick and dunk with OREO Snack Hacks, simple and unexpected new ways to enjoy the cookie everyone loves. In a new OREO Snack Hacks video series, three food innovators get clever with the cookie, creating Golden OREO-crusted chicken tenders, OREO tortilla chips with strawberry salsa, OREO bread pudding and, even an OREO shandy! Each Snack Hack stays true to food hacking culture – super-easy to make, minimal ingredients and an awesome taste only OREO can deliver.

See more OREO Snack Hacks. Got a hack of your own? Submit it here.


Heineken Put on a Show to Reveal the Legendary Side of Ordinary People

Last month Heineken put on a mind-blowing interactive theater show at New York's The McKittrick Hotel. It was part play, part choose-your-own-adventure mindwarp, with an eclectic cast of characters who encouraged the audience to become a part of the show.

When guests arrived, a few lucky attendees were invited to take on the challenge; to think on their feet, stay cool under pressure, and take the stage in a variety of challenging scenes. Those who said yes were treated to a bizarre sequence of dream-like events–everything from starring in a Bollywood film to performing standup comedy for a grumpy old man. You just gotta watch the video.

“The Guest of Honor” provided an opportunity for everyday people to get outside their comfort zone and take the stage. In past “social experiments,” Heineken has sent people to unknown destinations around the world on the spot, and broadcasted holiday karaoke-singers in Times Square. What legendary scenes will Heineken pull off next? And will you take the stage? Join the conversation with #guestofhonor and #openyourworld.


Sour Patch Kids Gum Gives Unsuspecting Shoppers A Sour Then Sweet Surprise

We've all experienced that sour-then-sweet taste of Sour Patch Kids, which can now be found in the form of chewing gum. In order to celebrate the launch of Sour Patch Kids Gum, the pranksters behind the candy set up a series of clever surprises at a seemingly normal convenience store. The unwitting victims of these pranks are treated to a surprise that's sour, but then turns into something sweet. Watch the video then check out youtube.com/user/StrideChewingGum for more.


Robitussin Presents: The COUGHEQUENCES™

A bad cough while you're giving a big speech at an important event? Nightmare town, population: you. Don't let the horror story from this video happen to you. Check out how this teaser ends at COUGHEQUENCES.com and learn more about how Robitussin® can bring you fast, powerful cough relief. Enter for a chance to win a vacation for two, a smart TV, or a gift card, then grab a coupon for a bottle of Robitussin®.


Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Fool Journalist Who Was Convinced Test Drive Was a Fake

Jalopnik's Travis Okulski was convinced that Pepsi MAX's Test Drive video featuring Jeff Gordon from last year was a fraud. So Pepsi MAX & Jeff decided they needed to prove him wrong. They staged another Test Drive, this time with Travis as the unsuspecting passenger.

Watch the video at youtube.com/pepsi, then follow the story with #TestDrive2 and check out facebook.com/pepsimax for more


Get Ready for Newcastle Brown Ale's Big Game Teaser

Newcastle Brown Ale didn't want to blow their annual marketing budget on a big blowout advertisement during this year's Big Game, BUT, they had some fun putting together some zany ideas that they would have made for a big-budget extravaganza. Battle Apes? Party Sharks? Skateboarding Cats? These are just a few of the ideas they came up with. Watch the teaser, then head over to IfWeMadeIt.com to see how their big ideas were brought to life on a not-so-big budget. Fans can join in on the fun by following Newcastle Brown Ale on Facebook and Twitter.