Old Navy Denim Will Make You Ridiculously Good Looking

Fall fashion season is upon us and that means it's time to upgrade the ol' wardrobe (cost efficiently, of course). So while we thought about giving you a list of the 37 people who wore denim best throughout history as inspiration, we instead decided to take a note from The Awl and present without commentary, not a list of outdated denim, but instead the finest and most interesting lower half options that Old Navy has to offer this Fall. Well, fine, presented with limited commentary. We couldn't help ourselves.


The Rockstar Printed Skinny Jeans – Denim Star


Free Movies…Whaat? Sign Me Up!

Admit it: there are some truly fundamental comedies that you need to see in order to…talk to people. But they might be a little hard to unearth. That’s why you need SnagFilms. It’s a free video-streaming site with an extensive library of full-length, must-see films.

Featuring indie comedy classics like Slacker and The Puffy Chair to behind the scenes documentaries like an inside look at the Japanese comedy scene with Tokyo Comedy Store, SnagFilms covers all the bases. Backed by a team of talented, quirky editors who have literally dedicated their lives to giving you a handpicked selection of indie gems, acclaimed documentaries, critics’ picks and so much more, you'll definitely find something to love on SnagFilms.

And did we mention it’s totally free? Sign up now at SnagFilms to start discovering movies.


SnagFilms: A Treasure Trove of Comedies

Way before Seth Rogen, Will Ferrell and Melissa McCarthy were in every comedy movie, classic comedians paved the way. Queue up the movie 100 Years of Comedy on SnagFilms and prepare for an amazing journey through some of the funniest moments in entertainment history, from the slapstick of the silent era to the classic screwball comedies of the 1930s and '40s on through to the modern hilarity of Hollywood's most recent comedies. This incredible documentary features extensive footage of comedy legends, including Laurel and Hardy, the Three Stooges, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Lucille Ball, Jerry Lewis, Richard Pryor, and many more.

See it for yourself on SnagFilms — and did we mention it’s free?


Your Source for Indie Comedies

The same-old comedies have taken over! We’re talking about the same comedians working with the usual director and a predictable plotline. At SnagFilms, there is none of that. It’s a free video-streaming site where you won’t find the same run-of-the-mill comedies — quite the opposite, in fact. With a large library that plays host to everything from critics’ picks to film festival favorites, there’s bound to be an unheard-of indie comedy or obscure, classic slapstick unwatched even by the biggest cinephile.

SnagFilms has made it its mission to serve viewers who are looking to discover something new and exciting in their movie selection. As a 2013 Webby Award honoree and Red Herring Top Technology Company of 2013, SnagFilms has been wildly successful in curating a diverse collection of free movies that are actually good.


Watch the First Episode of Pivot TV's 'Please Like Me' Before It Airs

Pivot TV's original comedy series Please Like Me explores the humor, awkwardness, courage and sweetness of being a twentysomething-year-old in an image-conscious world. This Australian show from comedian Josh Thomas reads like an embarrassing story section from your favorite lifestyle magazine and reminds us that we are not alone in experiencing life's less-than-elegant moments.

Please Like Me is based on Thomas's own real life experiences and airs exclusively on pivot on August 1 with six full episodes in a row. Watch the trailer here for a sneak peek and go to pivot.tv to enjoy the first full episode before the series officially launches. Join the conversation by visiting the website to share your own Please Like Me story.


Celebrate Your Independence This Weekend With a CoronaRita

With Fourth of July coming in hot, it's time to exercise your hard earned rights. Why not exercise your right to choose by sticking a Corona in a margarita, just because? Check out this easy recipe for a refreshing, cold CoronaRita below:

6 parts Corona Light
1 part Tequila
2 parts Margarita Mix
1 part Triple Sec
1 Lime Wedge

Method: In a cocktail shaker, pour the first three ingredients (please do not pour beer in the shaker). Shake vigorously until ice cold. Strain into tall glass with 1/3 ice. Top with Corona beer.

You can also exercise your right to enjoy a few laughs while you're at it with these videos below, courtesy of Corona.



Your 'Fancy' Wine Collection Isn't Impressing Anyone

You should know that you're not impressing anyone just because you've strategically left those expensive price tags on your overpriced bottles of wine. Fortunately, Naked Wines can set you straight.


Butt Wipes, Courtesy of Dollar Shave Club

Forget number one. Let's talk about number two… if you know what we mean. Introducing One Wipe Charlies, butt wipes for men from Dollar Shave Club that will keep your booty sparkling clean. If you thought the first Dollar Shave Club video was amusing, this latest video brings you more bears, a cameo from Alejandra, and Founder and CEO Mike Dubin's potty mouth – pun intended. Watch the video and join the ranks of the clean elite by visiting dollarshaveclub.com/one-wipe-charlies.


Gillette Helps Answer Your Most Pressing Question: How Does the Man of Steel Shave?

We know you've been losing sleep over this. With the upcoming release of Man of Steel on June 14, Gillette is the first to boldly ask the question everyone wants to know — how does Superman shave? For a superhero that is fire-proof, bullet-proof, kryptonite-proof (oops, scratch that), what could possibly cut through that steel-hard stubble?

As a service to all inquiring minds, Gillette has graciously created a forum on HowDoesHeShave.com for shaving intellectuals to pose their theories. Check out videos from five Superman enthusiasts — director Kevin Smith; TV hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman; scientist and comedian Bill Nye; and Mayim Bialik, actress and real-life neuroscientist — and vote on the explanation that most suits your fancy. Or, challenge their conjectures with your own argument. Perhaps it's jackhammers? Super heat vision?

Either way, now you can rest easy tonight knowing that Gillette is on top of uncovering the Man of Steel's grooming secrets.


Adam DeVine on the Importance of "Man"-scaping

Coming this Fall on the Broxygen Network, The Special Unit's Unit patrols the streets to make sure guys are keeping their body hair under control. Check out this video from Philips Norelco starring Adam DeVine of Workaholics fame as he lays down the (men's grooming) law. Once he catches a perpetrator, he equips the disheveled criminal with the new Norelco Click & Style Razor, an electric razor designed to "man"-scape a man's entire body.

Check out I'd FAQ Me for more (maybe too much) info on men's shaving and enter for a chance to win one of 100 Philips Norelco Click & Styles here.


Addicted to Cheetos? Great. Let's Take That Addiction a Step Further.

Cheetos are awesome. So are anthropomorphized cheetahs. And now there is a cheetos game, which is ridiculously awesome. Fling cheetos across the room with your phone or mouse, racking up points and unlocking new levels. Make sure to be creative with your targeting because some of the targets will kickstart strange and funny cutscenes when you trigger them. You can play the Cheetahpult on the CheetosChannel, then check out Cheetos on Facebook for more cheesy goodness.


How to Actually Keep Your New Years Resolution

By Dr. Jeff Godin Ph.D., CSCS, CISSN and Tammy Godin, B.A.B.

Seventy-eight percent of people fail at achieving their New Year’s resolution. Why? Is it because their goals are too lofty and will-power is crushed? Maybe they are in the contemplation stage of making a habit change and don’t know how to prepare and take action. Or is it because they are focused on the negative and not the positive aspects of their goal? Is it because they are extrinsically motivated, not intrinsically motivated, and when results don’t happen overnight they get frustrated?.

Some common New Year’s resolutions are, “I am going to lose weight,” “I am going to exercise more,” “I am going to learn a new language.” Regardless of the resolution, the key is to develop a SOLID PLAN.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:
1. What is my resolution?
2. What is holding me back now?
3. How will I accomplish my resolution?
4. How will I know when I get there, what are the acceptance criteria? READ MORE


MINI USA NOT NORMAL PRANKS and a Breakdancing Bear

There's your typical car buying experience – and then there's the MINI USA buying experience. As part of their NOT NORMAL SALES EVENT, MINI USA set up hidden cameras in a MINI dealership, and then sprung a few surprises on customers to see if they shared MINI’s love of all things Not Normal. Watch the video below to see their reactions and just how Not Normal it can get at MINI dealerships throughout the US this month. Can you say "breakdancing bear?" READ MORE


Max Payne 3: Official Launch Trailer

For Max Payne, the tragedies that took his loved ones years ago are wounds that refuse to heal. No longer a cop, close to washed up and addicted to pain killers, Max takes a job in São Paulo, Brazil, protecting the family of wealthy real estate mogul Rodrigo Branco, in an effort to finally escape his troubled past. But as events spiral out of his control, Max Payne finds himself alone on the streets of an unfamiliar city, desperately searching for the truth and fighting for a way out.
Presenting the Official Launch Trailer for Max Payne 3, which will arrive next week in North American stores for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 15th and in Europe on May 18th. Visit the Pre-Order page for a selection of retail options. (Watch on Youtube)