On 24 Thinkpieces About Girls

This show has a great PR person...it makes it seem as if this is an important show that represents more than it does, which is just girls talking about sex and hating their jobs.

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On Michael Ian Black Solves Everyone's "Friend's" Relationship Problems

Cannot wait for this book.

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On Jim Carrey's Amazing Burt Wonderstone Costume Gives Carell's A Run for Its Money

I'm on board already.

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On The Newbie's Guide to How I Met Your Mother

Believe me, picking the episode list was difficult, so many more could go on this list. But "The Slap Bet" will always hold first place in my heart.

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On Rob Lowe's Lifetime Movie Trailer Is "Literally" the Funniest Thing Ever

I'm surprised he even did this- is Parks and Rec not paying him enough?

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On Bridesmaids Might Have a Shot at Winning the Comedy World Some Oscars

Hell yes. Melissa was great as a comedic actress, but not a lot of people talk about my favorite (and most touching scene) when her character talks about how she was tormented in high school and how she worked hard to get successful.

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On Is The Office Floundering Without Steve Carell?

I disagree somewhat. I think the supporting characters are all great and I love seeing them more (especially Oscar and Erin!). I do wish Andy wasn't written as so bumbling and incompetent, but that can change. I actually feel the Pam/Jim dynamic is dragging down the show.

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On SNL Recap: Charlie Day and the Need for Impersonation

Kristen Wiig as Kris Jenner was pretty hilarious.

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On Charlie Day Episode Gives SNL Its Best Ratings In a Month

It's too bad it was a weak episode. There were not any standout sketches. The Greek gods one had some promise, but it didn't go anywhere, same with the detective who never watched tv. Danny DeVito's presence in the monologue was clunky and awkward. Charlie Day's gift for physical comedy was largely underused.

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On Looking Back at the Terrible Syndicated Sitcoms of the Late 1980s

OUT OF THIS WORLD IS THE WORST? How dare you sir. I remember thinking about how having Evie's power would be the best power ever. And also, Steve Burton!

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