On Veep and the Absurdities of Power

Is the show worth a bucket of piss, though?

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On Checking In...with the Recurring Characters of Arrested Development

@sunnyciegos Yes, no offense to Patricia Velásquez, but would it have hurt to run a picture of Leonor Varela there?

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On On Norm Macdonald, the Greatest Talk Show Guest Ever

> when he's saying things that shouldn’t get laughs YES

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On How Showtime Became the New Source for Black Comedy

Moff the Punisher!

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On Check Out the Weirdly Wonderful The National Video with Kristen Schaal and John Slattery

Fayettenam Scott Jacobson? How about that.

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On Peter Serafinowicz: Inside Running Wilde's Too-Short Run

His cameo on Black Books stole that episode: "Fraaaaan... I'm coming, Fraaaaan." Sorry, I am obliged to point that out whenever his name comes up.

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On Short and Funny, Part 1: Conversations with Twitter's Top Comedy Writers

Long live the Sulk!

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On How We Wrote Classic Simpsons Episodes

Whoa, Conan looks a little like Cobain in that picture?

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On Using Math and Nerdery to Look a Bit Too Closely at Comedy Communities

The Takeaway TM: women are silly. Except for Tina Fey.

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On The Larry Sanders Show Was Pretty Much the Best Comedy Ever, and Garry Shandling Knows It

Norm MacDonald.

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