On Hey Readers: What Do You Want to See More of on Splitsider?

I'm big into the long-form stuff and the comedic analysis pieces. I get comedy news a lot of places, and while I still read it on here, this feels like the only website that allows for a discussion of comedy on an intellectual level. While this might isolate some, it serves a niche in my life that I can only come to Splitsider to fill. Pieces that stood out as examples: Analysis of why we hate Garfield, multi-person interview about moving from NYC to LA, and comedy After 9/11. In one year, you've done a great job of becoming a must-read for comedy fans, and I'm thankful you're around. Keep going!

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On Up All Night Recap: "Pilot"

This show will work if they can figure out how to bridge the workplace and the home. I think a lot of the home stuff was really sweet and sincere, and I think a lot of the workplace is Goof-Town USA. The funniest line of the episode is Maya's helicopter joke, but with the addition of the manic personal assistant, some of the office stuff feels way too hammy. I'm willing to give it a shot.

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On One Night at Asssscat, or What to Do With a Date Rape Monologue

Thank you for writing this Halle.

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On Chuck Klosterman Sort Of Likes Louie

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