On Community Recap: “Virtual Systems Analysis”

"I" "like" "the" "way" "you" "put" "quotes" "around" each "word". "You know what I mean?" I don't g"e"t your article in the same way, yo"u" "do"n't get this episode and most "pe"ople "are"n't or (are)"n't" getting this "series". Anyway, great use of punctuation to make emphasis: on "what"?

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On South Park Recap: "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining"

I agree it was the funniest episode. Had to watch it twice to catch all the jokes I was laughing so hard. Cartman's a-hole was on fire!

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On South Park Recap: "Faith Hilling"

I'm with you Lindsey, a damn fine episode. I especially liked the reporter meme. The soul searching of the boys who wanted to stick with Faith Hilling vs. the other boys moving on was particularly ticklish for me. TVs hottest show is South Park. It's got perverted little boys, prancing pols, Taylor Swift dragging her naked ass across the stage, cats wearing bread masks, and Oh Long Johnson.

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On Louis C.K. on the Details Behind the "Louis C.K. Deal"

Other TV executives are rubbing their hands together watching the bank roll in from CBS Comedies. Lowest common denominator pays well.

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On Twitter Can't Be Bad for Comedy...Right?

Cars are bad for carriage makers! Twitter is a game changer for new comics. If your established you may be able to afford to say Twitter or other social media ain't my thing. Since I started using witstream and twitter I've gone to a lot more comedy shows and bought a lot more records from comedians I never would have heard about before. People love to laugh. They'll pay you to make them laugh. They'll pay you more if they're excited to see their favorite funny guy/girl from twitter than some random comic they never heard of before. Audiences are not going to rebel against you because you're not reciting your twitter feed. Twitter can be your marketing department. If a producer criticizes you because your marketing department sucks then fix it or show them how your marketing works. You're responsible for your own success and twitter is a useful tool in getting your name out there and building goodwill and word of mouth.

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On Yeah, Nick Kroll Pooped in His Car

This was the main part of his routine on the League Live tour.

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On Looking for the Role of Comic Novels in the Comedy World

You should check out "Vintage Stuff" by Tom Sharpe if you like to laugh while you read.

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