On Trade Roundup: Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, Charlie Sheen

Was Two and a Half Men cancelled?

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On Who Would Win an Eating Contest, Liz Lemon or Ron Swanson?

This is counter-intuitive but I think you are right. Ron Swanson has pride and is actually pretty picky (he doesn't like "ethnic" food other than the meat tornado, of course).

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On Saturday Night's Children: Janeane Garofalo (1994-1995)

@uncleezno The card/notebook thing is part of her schtick. They aren't really jokes but articles she saw, quotes stuff like that. She doesn't memorize a joke telling act. Not saying that means she didn't suck, though!

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On Looking Back at Richard Pryor's Return to the Tonight Show

@Conal Darcy@twitter No, they got it at the Paley Center for Media.

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On What Political Comedies Get Wrong About Campaigning

@Jeff Lariviere@facebook She also had a meeting with the Pawnee's business leaders for their support. The way a business person supports a canidate is with money and/or goods.

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On What Political Comedies Get Wrong About Campaigning

@Agent M She coudn't believe that Tammy 2 would be Cleopatra over Eleanor Roosevelt (the ultimate liberal even more so than FDR) not Thatcher.

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On Why Bridesmaids Deserved Its Best Picture Snub

@ino But the author didn't say it doesn't deserve a Oscar nom because it is a broad comedy and those never do (I personally think 40 Year Old virigin should have recieved a nomination and the lack of comedy noms is insane). She said it didn't deserve it because the main character is childish and flawed and calls the movie Bride Wars 2 (which it is not). This suggests that all themes around weddings (a traditional female field) is inherently bad. And that there is something wrong with a woman being childish and growing up as a theme. Something anti-feminist about being flawed. I doubt anyone would have minded if she had just said that this type of comedy doesn't get nominations. A lot of people have made that point and it is fine. But, instead, it completely focused on the fact that these women are flawed and therefore less than deserving.

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On 30 Rock's New Controversial Sentimentality

It would be impossible to agree with this article more. I have really enjoyed this season but it is so unlike 30 Rock that I do get why people have turned away. I feel like the first episode was a shock, for me. Liz was so *happy* and even when she becomes the joker/bag lady she is still sort of giddy and full of life in a way she has never been before. It is subdued because it is still Liz. But she is kind of silly now and I think it is completely endearing. Liz is so much less bitter and in a weird way her Joker was sort of embracing that. Rather than just be the mean lady who complains about everyone she just decided to give in to the tide. In an absurd Liz way. But still I think it is shows a general outlook improvement.

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On Louis C.K.'s CBS Pilot Is Getting Weirder

Ashley Tisdale is the voice of Candace on Phineas and Ferb (a great show even if it is for kids) so I could never hate her. And she was recently fantastic on Raising Hope. So none of this is that weird to me. Don't forget that Louis C.K. has young daughters and is probably very aware of the Disney/Nick kids. And there is some real emerging talent coming from that tween world, which is unfairly dismissed rather than seen as a real training ground for professionals. I really hope to hear great things from Jennette McCurdy (iCarly fame) in the future, as well.

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On Louis C.K.'s CBS Pilot Is Getting Weirder

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