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On The Lost Late Night Talk Show Hosts

@Bradford Evans Totally forgot he did Finding Nemo -- I would've definitely taken the opportunity to show him a little piece of my mind.

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On The Lost Late Night Talk Show Hosts

I got introduced to Albert Brooks at a party, and he asked me to repeat my last name, and then he paused like he was scanning his database for two seconds, but it felt like thirty, and I was like "No, no please stop -- you don't know me, you're Albert Brooks, I'm nobody, please, please stop." But he kept sort of thinking and fingering his chin, and I didn't want to mess anything up, so I pretended to take a phone call.

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On How to Become a Twitter Superstar

@T.S. Hallberg@twitter TS! (Is your name Tony? I know you're a boy, because you mentioned you have a dick) Keep tweeting! Be nice to your friends and teach them to read and also teach other people to read so they can all follow you. Thanks for commenting and I hope you become rich and famous from twitter like we all will!

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