On Eight Reasons To Dislike George Lucas That Have Nothing To Do With Star Wars

EDIT- By "Howard the Duck was a CARTOON character.", I'm referring to the original on which Lucas based his costumed movie version. (In case I wasn't clear, the choice of costumed version is what I meant by my "Lucas wasn't known for animation" remark.)

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On Eight Reasons To Dislike George Lucas That Have Nothing To Do With Star Wars

WTF, Greene has no clue what he's talking about. First off, paper is a renewable resource with the majority of paper sold being from tree-farms that are grown specifically to be pulped for paper. They DO NOT use rain-forest trees for paper. Think about how much f'n money it would cost to merely ship the raw wood let-alone cut, crate, process and not to mention navigate the wild foliage. Tree farms are planted in clean rows for optimal watering, sunlight and easy harvesting. And how old is James Greene anyways? Does he not understand that even if Lucas had been an early adopter, he'd STILL have about two decades of work to do before computers would be available to the public. And even then, said computers would not be portable enough (let-alone have a long enough battery life) to be used for notes on-set for at least another decade. Secondly, YIJ was intended for kids to begin with. The only thing MORE tongue-in-cheek than YIJ would have to be Jamie Kennedy's "Rollin' with Saget". I mean, COME ON. It's freak'in Jamie Kennedy for god's sake. It's not like it's Eminem or Tupac's ghost. It's obviously supposed to be a parody. If you cant get that you're a complete and utter moron. Finally, Howard the Duck.... yeah it was bad but you have to consider the year and the technology. It was 19-fucking-86. Besides, Howard the Duck was a CARTOON character. Lucas wasn't known for animation, but you've got to start somewhere. Just not liking a movie isn't a valid basis for HATING someone. WTF.

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