On This Week's Web Series You Need To Watch: The Maurizio Show

This isn't original, the idea is directly lifted from the Yannis Pappas character, Mr. Panos. You guys know who Yannis Pappas is and it's a little messed up that you didn't put up one his videos at least as comparison of similarities of the characters. http://www.youtube.com/user/mrpanosblog?feature=chclk#p/u/15/7XV2LVgaCT4

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On Stand-Up Comic Patrice O'Neal Has Died

Patrice was a personal favorite of mine for his bravery in his honesty and unique perspective, that did make just as many people dislike him as much as his fans loved him. He was a champion to his fans for his honesty in sticking to his unique views and funny self expression that belied a unique critical thinker. Thanks Hallie for this post and the interview you put up. I know you guys focus on the broad umbrella of comedy here, but it would be a great service to his memory to also spot light uniquely thinking voices like Patrice in the future along with the more accesible comedy you guys focus on.

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On Which Comedian Had the Greatest Five-Year Span of Films?

@I'm Gary@twitter Definitely! Placing Murphy at number eight and Carrey at 4 is a little hard to take seriously. Murphy between 1984 and 1989 was one of the top 3 box office draws in Hollywood, he was the last actor to get signed as a studio exclusive star. Carrey during his 90's run doesn't come close to the hugeness that was Eddie in the 80's. Gene Wilder should've been higher on the list. Murray, Sellers, and Murphy are the top three. Though Aykroyd, Martin, and Chase also had great movie runs, and should've made this list.

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On Humor: Greek for Humor

Comoedia and komoidia are the same word. The former is the Latinization of the Greek word, because comedy was imported from the Greeks by the Romans. Since there was no known prior word for it in Latin, Latin speakers used the Greek word and Latinized it. Menander's focus on everyday people rather than political satire was a common feature of most writing and art of the Helenistic period. The polis as a political unit no longer existed, Greek cities had been incorporated into kingdoms, so government was a distant thing to most at that time. Therefore Menander's audience wouldn't have had the same interest in political satire as those in the fifth century, because the average person was disconnected from government, which wasn't local anymore.

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On Humor: Greek for Humor

@petejayhawk, His mother was American and his father who was a former Prime Minister of Greece came to America to take a university post.

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On Beavis and Butt-Head's Triumphant Return to MTV

I think Judge also hid some easter eggs in the backgrounds that hint at some characters, or at the least the one spinoff character a lot people want to see, may appear soon. Did you catch the girl in the lunch room who was a dead ringer for Quin? Foreshadowing Daria's return to Highland?

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On Could Eddie Murphy Show Up at SNL This Weekend?

@Brillz73@twitter Thank you for saying this!

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On How to Build the Ultimate Black Comedian

Uhhh Pryor was a little bit more than white people do this/black people do that. The reason he's a god was the painful honesty he examined his own life and sometimes horrendous actions with, in front of an audience and made you laugh at awful things like overdosing and spousal abuse. Pryor was an open book on stage about a far less than perfect person, who got you to laugh with him at his personal struggles. That is why he is loved. Mentioning those things as an afterthought is a bit disingenuous. This whole list is a little too simplistic. Also if you were really honest about crafting the ultimate black comedian, you would have mixed in some of Patrice Oneal's blatant honesty about the entertainment industry and his not so popular, but at least individually unique voice and perspective.

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On This Week’s Web Series You Need to Watch: The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl

Watch yourself there Luke. You used quite a lot of overused, cliched, reviewer's and critic's verbal crutches yourself there.

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On The Legacy of Baby's Day Out, the Only Comedy Movie I've Ever Walked Out On

If Baby's Day Out is the only comedy movie you've ever walked out on, then you have a high tolerance for cinematic bullshit, cause most mainstream big studio comedy films since the mid 80's have been horrible.

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