On Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch's Sons Are Going to Own the Comedy World

Oh, be still my heart. There's an article in Bust from like two years ago that's the reverse of this with Dratch interviewing Poehler. It's a nice companion to this one- equally as funny, but longer. Can't wait to read her book!

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On SNL Recap: Daniel Radcliffe, Timid Host on a Ballsy Night

Great recap- I pretty much agree with all your hits and misses, though the monologue kind of fell in the middle for me (I find it hard to consider anything with Bobby Moynihan being awesome a miss). I was really excited in the early moments of The Jay Pharaoh Show sketch. It's an inspired concept that went completely nowhere. I was waiting for the one trick pony joke to be heightened or for there to be a twist or God, anything to happen. Disappointing. I so badly want to get behind Jay Pharaoh, but so far there's not a lot to get behind. Also, if you're a spaceman, you legally have to tell me!

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On The Newbie's Guide to How I Met Your Mother

@Robin Anything Robin Sparkles related is an instantly awesome episode! Combine the origin of that with the origin of the slap bet, and there's no way that episode isn't top of everyone's list. Also, really glad you included Subway Wars- really strong episode well into the shows run. Great Article! Glad to see more HIMYM stuff on Splitsider.

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On Five-Year Engagement Trailer Is a Pleasant Swirl of Comedy & Romance

@I'm Gary@twitter It seems to me like you're comparing apples and oranges. One is an original story with an entertaining trailer in a typically horrible genre made by and starring people that are pretty well revered by fans of comedy. The other is a modernization of a hugely beloved comedic institution. I love the Farrelly Brothers! I know I'm not alone in that, and I know that despite a few misses, most people would agree with you that they're proven talents. But overall it's so much easier to give this movie the benefit of the doubt over that one... even if The Three Stooges was set at Greendale which had been relocated to Pawnee (since that seems to be the crux of your issue).

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On SNL Recap: Steve Buscemi is the Creepy Creepy Guy

@Erik Voss I totally agree about Taran Killam having the most star potential of those three. I mean I really like Paul Brittain, and Jay Pharoah (who seems like a super talented guy) has improved a lot within the SNL format from last year, but Taran Killam is straight up awesome and has been a consistently strong presence from the start. I think the same of Vanessa Bayer, but that's not what you guys were talking about.

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On Six Recent Examples of "Breaking the Fourth Wall" Trope Subversion

I really loved reading this! The first one I thought of was the one from 30 Rock's Sandwich Day episode where Frank is talking to, like, an intern or someone, but I'm glad you went with the product placement one. It was definitely the better choice. Oh, and as someone who is just now getting into How I Met Your Mother, it was neat to see that moment included in the list. I always figured that I would like the show because it has a lot of cool people involved, but I'm a little surprised with how much I like it.

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On Hulu Plus Buys Digital Syndication Rights to Community

To me it sounds like more than just good news for Hulu Plus subscribers. Syndication brings in money to keep the show afloat. Also Hulu is pretty good about marketing the shows they profit from the most. And having all the episodes online, even if it's just for Hulu Plus subscribers, means that more people can catch up on the show from the earlier (still fantastically awesome) episodes. And let's face it, Community's target demographic are much more likely to have a $10 Hulu Plus subscription than a $40+ cable hookup. But also, yes, six seasons and a movie!!!

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On The Office Recap: "Mrs. California"

@doggans I wholeheartedly agree with your list! I'd like to "LeJon Brames." I miss Darryl messing with people.

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On Is ABC's Work It Unfair to Women?

Regardless of whether it's unfair to women, it's definitely unfair to comedy fans. Yikes.

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On Sleepy Teen Jason Bateman Warns You About Noise Pollution

I really miss boombox wars ending in cool late 80s handshakes.

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