On Steve Martin Shows You How to Write a Sketch Show in His Rare TV Special

@Dirk Well, that's embarrassing. Thank you for that.

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On How to Create a TV Show, with Mitch Hurwitz and the Cast of Arrested Development

There's a ten minute clip on the AD Season One DVD (and on YouTube, for now). Paley sells some of their panels on DVD, but they don't seem to have this one available. So if you want the full thing, looks like you've got to make the trip.

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On Looking Beyond the Fringe Towards British Satire's Roots

@barnhouse I totally agree and didn't mean to imply otherwise. However, I think to most audiences, of the four, Moore is the one that is the most immediately recognizable. (And is the one that I feel is truly showcased in this show.)

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On On Location with One of Steve Martin's First TV Performances

@Tommy Rowson@facebook HBO has released a few of the "On Location" specials on DVD, but unfortunately not this one. Like most of the items discussed in my "From the Archives" pieces, the only place I know to see them are at the Paley Centers in NY or LA.

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