On Hey Elderly Readers, Tina Fey and Nancy Meyers Are Looking for an Intern

Brandon, you're probably right. I think Meyers will agree that Stena Fartin is just too good to resist.

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On Best Friends Forever Recap: "Pilot"

I also watched it thrice online but watched it last night to see how the show paced itself with commercial breaks. If anything, I think it added a bit to the show -- slowing it down a little. Also, the second ad in the first commercial break starred Jessica St. Clair so that was the double best.

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On Five Reasons Ricky Gervais Deserves to Die

Thanks for being my favorite poster as well. The next gal or guy is likely shaking in her or his boots.

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On 30 Rock Infographic Recap: "Grandmentor" & "Kidnapped by Danger"

You know what, you are right. It looks like a Seussian fried egg.

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On Bent and the Problem With Romantic Comedy TV Shows

Yes! They should scrap this main story and start working on a Tambor/Smoove/dude who played Landry on Friday Night Lights spin-off. That would be my favorite show on television. Also, NBC must have an insane talent-holding agreement with David Walton. They will not rest until he's a star. Hopefully he can sing and/or dance, because dude's definitely going to be showing up on 'Smash' next season.

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On Dwight's Spinoff & Mindy Kaling's Pilot Are Taking Their Toll on The Office

Call me a hopeless idealist or a blind optimist (just as long as you call me) but maybe, just maybe, this is exactly what the show needs -- a complete washing out of its system. Maybe, just maybe, the show will become about Darryl as the new boss. He has been the show's most consistently funny and grounded character for the last few years. This WILL happen and I can't wait.

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On This Week in Comedy Podcasts

@Steve Austine@twitter & @AbraxisHardpickle We try to listen to as much as we can and for better or worse, what we are drawn to much of the time are the bigger, better produced shows. The hope is people would make suggestions in the comments like you have so to provide exposure to more shows. Thanks so much for these recommendations, I will personally listen to all of them this week. Please, each week, keep 'em coming.

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On Louis C.K.'s CBS Pilot Is Getting Weirder

I don't know, in all seriousness, every time I meet a "beautiful and sarcastic assistant to a vintage clothing designer struggling to carve out her niche in New York" they generally look exactly like Ashley Tisdale. I imagine she'll play the dumb character something she'll be solid at. She always killed it on "Suite Life"

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On The Highlights of the Beatles' Solo Comedy Careers

I'm pretty sure John was the Smart One and Ringo was the Funny One, which was partly a crack on how funny looking he was, poor fella. It's great to learn that the Quiet One, George, actually was the biggest fan of comedy itself.

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On The Best Sitcom Episode of All Time Tournament: We Have Our Elite Eight

We're all going to feel REAL weird if the final is Community v. Community. So let's try to avoid that, cool?

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