On 58 Reasons Why I Love Community, One from Every Episode

This article is streets ahead.

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On Checking In...with the Writers of South Park Not Named Matt or Trey

Recently, Robert Lopez co-wrote the episode "Broadway Bro Down", making it the first episode since "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" to be written by an outsider.

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On The Office Recap: "Pam's Replacement"

I was enjoying the episode right up until Pam said something along the lines of "What if Jim caught on and purposely picked a friend just outside of our usual friend zone?" Ugh. It was cute for a while, but her paranoia did not hold my curiosity for a whole episode.

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On Community Recap: "Advanced Gay"

Not necessarily the funniest episode I've ever seen, but I appreciate how every episode seems to have its own personality and textural voice. This episode is no different.

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On Two And A Half Men Ratings Sink, Remain Untouchable

And by someone, I mean me.

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On Two And A Half Men Ratings Sink, Remain Untouchable

Two and a Half men is easily one of the most fascinating concepts in TV history. How can a show so terrifyingly cheap attract such a large audience? How do they get away with obvious sex jokes and reused fart effects so many times? Why is it still going so strongly even in its 9th season, and, with a major cast change? Someone should really write a dissertation on the subject.

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On Is HBO Trying Too Hard To Be Edgy Instead of Funny?

I've always liked HBO's unique sense of comedy. I mean, are there any other shows that are quite like Curb, Entourage, and Bored to Death? Even Lucky Louie is pretty out there. Then again The Wire and Six Feet Under are also masterpieces, so HBO should try and find a proper balance.

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On Community Recap: Timeline-by-Timeline Analysis of "Remedial Chaos Theory"

@Joshua Kurp Personally, I liked the Andy Warhol-esque portrait of Troy and Abed's faces. Great article.

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On The Office Recap: "Lotto"

Andy's confrontation with Darryl was very well written/acted. They managed to create dramatic tension between the shaky new boss and the man who is questioning his own disappointing life very well, while simultaneously making jokes that never took away from the moment.

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On Community Recap: "Competitive Ecology"

I loved this episode. To finally hear Chang's inner monologue was great. Even though I knew Todd would freak out at the end, his final tears were a surprise that made me laugh hysterically. Maybe it's my inner Wire enthusiast speaking, but I am absolutely loving Michael K Williams as well. Now excuse me, I have a baby at home that I would like to return to.

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