On Portland Mayoral Candidate Parodies Portlandia, Complete with Fred and Carrie Lookalikes

But the whole point of Portland is not having a job!

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On Steve Holt! Wants to Be in the New Arrested Development Episodes

Steve Holt!

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On SNL Recap: Lindsay Lohan is Comedy Poison

I kinda got the feeling that Jon Hamm was on call to be emergency host. Just in case.

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On The Highlights of the Beatles' Solo Comedy Careers

@DD Yep, Harrison appeared later on in a sketch trying to collect. When the offer originally aired, Lennon and McCartney were together in New York, watching SNL, and almost went down to 30 Rock.

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On Grammys for Betty White, Louis C.K., and The Book of Mormon

This means Trey Parker and Matt Stone are just an Oscar shy of their EGOT.

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On Tracing the Origin of the Word "Adorkable"

Remember earlier in the week when Mr. Frucci asked the world what it wanted more of on Splitsider so as to make it even better and more singular? I'd guess that this is the kind of piece he had in mind. Well done.

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On Paul Brittain Is Leaving SNL, Effective Immediately

The commercial for Mother's Day cards for crazy people who think they're their own mothers! Lord Wyndemere! Two of the best bits in years! Certainly this will anger the vengeful ghost of Bob Newhart.

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On How Soon Can Rob Lowe's Untouchable Be Available on Netflix Instant?

I'm honestly pleased that his induction into the cool comedy kids club has not prevented him from making cheesy made for TV movies. He made one where he had to stop a runaway train one time. Like "Under Siege 2," but with the budget of an episode of "The Commish." It was exquisite.

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On Mass E-Mail, by Darren Springer

Well done.

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On How I Met Your Mother's Josh Radnor Is Publishing a Drug Memoir

This is just the kind of sort of cool, sort of pretentious thing Ted Mosby would do.

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