On Orson Welles: An Object of Fun

Also! Don't forget his metaphor-straining turn as the narrator of "Start the Revolution without Me." I believe he gets shot on-screen...?

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On So Louis C.K. Is a Women-Denigrating Pig Now, According to Greta Van Susteren

I have to defer to something Lizz Winstead said on the How Was Your Week? podcast a couple weeks back. She theorized that Palin, O'Donnell, and Bachmann were part of a vast right-wing conspiracy, as though the GOP said, "Ok, you want us to give women their fair shot? This! This is what happens when you give women power! Hahahahaha!" This is the only way I can wrap my head around Palin.

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On Fridays: The SNL Ripoff That Nearly Surpassed the Original

Shameless name-dropping, but I was good friends with Igus's daughter when we were in elementary school. Once when we needed paper to play hangman or something, Darrow gave us a pad of paper with the Fridays logo at the top, telling us the paper was older than we were. When my parents saw the logo later, they were tickled pink and I got a very reverent crash-course in the show. This article is brilliant. Thanks for filling in the gaps!

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On Examining Jon Stewart's Humble Late Night Beginnings

I gotta say- Steven Weber registers as A-List in my book.

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On 9 Sketch Comedy TV Shows From the '90s That We’ve Mostly Forgotten About

LOVED this roundup. Didn't quite realize Jennifer Coolidge did such good impressions. (And 'Roundhouse' -- you are sorely missed.)

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On 9 Sketch Comedy TV Shows From the '90s That We’ve Mostly Forgotten About

@Galen Andrews@facebook Glad you asked! I covered that a couple months back: http://splitsider.com/2011/09/almost-live-what-seattle-sketch-comedy-gave-to-us

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On Assessing the House of Lies Pilot: Is It a Series to Watch?

Do CEOs ever jump out of their chairs to express umbrage? Has that ever in the history of meetings actually happened? I thought the jowly guy at the head of the table was going to embrace the screen and weep out of sudden self-awareness during that presentation... when it turned out he was actually angry, the effect wasn't much better.

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On 2011: The Year of Women in Sitcoms, at Least According to the Liberal Media

I've given it a fair chance, but I still can't stomach the Jess character in "New Girl." What are meant to be adorable ticks instead play off as something...perhaps diagnosable? It's borderline offensive, having a cute female lead thrust at us who I in no way believe could have gotten to that point in her social life (let alone career) with so little self-awareness. But of course she lives in L.A., where everyone has a best friend who's a model. And "Dirty Dancing" as a post-breakup movie? really? There's no subtlety! Nothing original! Man, I really hate this show that I regularly watch while hungover.

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On The Year in Comedy Podcasts

Julie Klausner also deserves recognition for the fact that when she does have more conventional guests, she finds a way to discuss a very unique obsession they have in common -- Patton's discussion of "Splash" or midnight movies comes to mind. Somewhat off-the-beaten path, and it made for a great interview.

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On Louis C.K.'s Live at the Beacon Profit Is Up to 750k

He could almost buy a house for that! (although not the brownstone he wanted...)

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