On Dan Harmon vs. Chevy Chase: the Plot Thickens

Why can't all the Schmitties get along!

Posted on April 3, 2012 at 10:30 am 1

On You Ready for a Film Noir Puppet Comedy From Jim Henson's Son?

I wonder if Phil Phillips is a direct reference from Kermit's alias in The Muppets Take Manhattan?

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On Community Recap: "Regional Holiday Music"

Who was the guy in the middle ornament? I couldn't quite make it out.

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On The Lost Roles of Owen Wilson

Another role Owen Wilson nearly had was as a Peasant in The Emperor's New Groove. The original story was more of a prince and the pauper kind of tale with Wilson as a peasant who swapped places with the emperor. I believe he even recorded some dialogue. But then they switched the story around and replaced him with John Goodman.

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