On Visual Community Recap: "Pillows and Blankets"

From this moment on, when anyone asks me whether or not Community is worth watching, this is episode will be what I show them. Last night I had to watch it twice(The North Cafeteria joke alone maybe ten times,) it's earned a permanent place on my DVR.

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On South Park Recap: "Reverse Cowgirl"

Maybe it's because there haven't been any fresh South Parks in a while but I was surprisingly entertained by this episode. It was the most focused and 'on game' episode I've seen in a long time, maybe since last year's mid-season finale "You're Getting Old." They started to get a bit off rails with the TSA bit but I gotta say,toilet humor and all, I think almost every joke hit in this episode.

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On Is Liz Lemon Benjamin Buttoning?

This article ignores multiple seasonsworth of character development. Liz is far from being flanderized. This whole season has been about her trying to change herself in order to become less self-sabotaging. There is a natural progression from Past Liz to Now Liz. On the same note, her relationship with Jack can be summed up in the third act of one episode. (Ep 5.11 "Ms. Donaghy") Ugh. What an annoying read. Et tu NPR?

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On Pitchfork Isn't Exactly a Fan of the New Childish Gambino Album

As a comedy enthusiast who is surrounded by rap music(forcibly), I can vouch for each one of these comments. ^

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On Pete Holmes Has a Lot of Compassion for Magicians

Last night Holmes was at a free monthly comedy show in LA called Hamclown! He KILLED it, we were all dying with laughter his entire set. I'm picking up his album immediately.

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On This Week's Web Series You Need To Watch: Explosion Bus

Agreed. We need a way to identify ourselves so we know when to engage in semi-cerebral mumble fests. Could a squiggly handshake be socially acceptable?

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On There's Finally A Funny Whitney Billboard In This Town

Thanks to Splitsider, I was a Party Down caterer this year. A surprised amount of people recognized it, others thought I was Terence Trent D'Arby taking a phone call... I spent $20 bucks, mostly on hors d'oeuvres(didn't last long.) My prized props though were the comment cards I passed out. I made them myself and they were definitely a great touch. I just put them up on tumblr if anyone's interested. reednwrite.tumblr.com

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