Tales From the Road: A Conversation with Mike Birbiglia

Mike Birbiglia is one of the best storytelling comedians around. He recently turned a successful run of his one-man show Sleepwalk With Me into an excellent book of the same name (you can read an excerpt from it here). He was nice enough to talk to me about the book, some of the weirder experiences he's had on the road and advice he'd give to comics just starting out. READ MORE


Tales from the Road: A Conversation with Michael Ian Black

Michael Ian Black is a founding member of The State, a comedy troupe that produced the last intentionally funny programming ever seen on MTV. As the pitchman for products like Pets.com ad Sierra Mist, Michael Ian Black's whimsical commercials gave people a reason to pause their DVRs while zipping past ads.

Point being: Michael Ian Black is a performer. He has played a junkie, a pimptacular lover of pudding, a gay demon–trying to list all the memorable roles he's created would fill lots of space and IMDB does it better, anyway. But he didn't start doing stand-up until fairly recently.

I asked Michael Ian Black if he had any tales to tell about being on the road as a stand-up. He didn't have any uproarious stories of drunken debauchery or alien abductions–that he was willing to share–but he did talk about the high-wire aspect of the job and what it's like to gig and have a family at home. READ MORE