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DUGPUNY (1)What better way to distract yourself from the seemingly unending horrors of the modern day world than with an hour of pure hilarity called Splitsider's Dog & Pony Show? Join your hosts me and Joe Stanton at UCBeast on Monday July 21 at 8:00pm to see such killer comedians as Adam Newman (Comedy Central Half Hour), Michelle Wolf (Late Night With Seth Meyers), Naomi Ekperigin (Broad City) and Hugh Moore (truTV's Friends Of The People). A truly sick lineup, if I do say myself. As always, tickets are only $5; RSVP for yours here.


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If you're frozen down to the bone this week, stop by UCBeast this Friday, January 10 at 7:30pm and bask in the warm, hilarious light cast by comics Jared Logan, Janelle James, Christy Coffey and Lukas Kaiser. If that doesn't work, Joe and I will strip down, crawl inside your sleeping bad and use our body heat to thaw your frost-bitten extremities. If you chose to stay home in the cold, the doctors will probably have to amputate. The decision is up to you. We hope you will chose the right one. Tickets at $5 and available for reservation here.


Celebrate the Birth of The Christ Child by Coming to December's Dog And Pony Show!

Joyeux Noel! What better way to commemorate the birth of an immortal god's child into the human realm than with some festive fart jokes?!?! Whether you believe that a supernatural deity impregnated a lady thousands of years ago in order to save humans from sin which he himself decided was even a thing or not, come by UCBeast this Friday for the comedy stylings of Nick Vatterott (Conan), Naomi Ekperigin (Totally Biased), Charla Lauriston (UCB's School Night) and Brendan McLaughlin (Nikki And Sara Live). RSVP for tickets here, guys!


Come Out To Splitsider's Dog & Pony Show This Friday, You Turkeys!

November's Dog & Pony Show is like a warm piece of pumpkin pie: it's flavorful, it will temporarily fill the void inside you and you can share it with other people! Join us Friday at 7:30pm for the nutmeg-scented stylings of Jena Friedman, Streeter Seidell, Claudia Cogan, Sue Smith and Justin Grace! RSVP for your $5 ticket here.


What Are You Doing This Friday? Coming To Splitsider's Dog & Pony Show? Oh Great, Me Too!

Hey buddies! It’s been so long since I posted on Splitsider, it’s like I have no idea what the hell I’m doing! What’s this button do? What happened to my links? If 20 posts get published at once, you’ll know who to blame. Me and my fumbly dumbly fingers.

You know what the hell I am doing right though? Hosting this month’s Dog & Pony Show at UCBeast in NYC (3rd St and Ave A) at 7:30pm with my co-host Joe Stanton! This month Dog & Pony will feature the electrifying comedy stylings of Aparna Nancherla (Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell), Emmy Blotnick (Nikki & Sara Live), Rojo Perez (New York Comedy Festival) and Alan Starzinski (UCB’s Sandino). RSVP for your ticket here and we’ll see you on Friday! Thanks guys!


The '30 Rock' Finale: Goodbye Forever, You Factory Reject Dildos

Well, those bastards did it. Those magnificent bastards did it. In a world where the desire to make well-crafted, self-aware comedy can turn into a pressure capable of crushing the final product (right? that's not just me?), 30 Rock turned out a truly wonderful conclusion to seven wonderfully bizarre seasons.

Now, obviously I don't have to tell you that the reason 30 Rock is/was the comedian's sitcom was because you could see Tina Fey’s influence in every aspect of the show. That’s the dream about having your own show, right? People just immediately know it’s yours. Having read her book approximately a trillion times, I'm always tickled when I spot plot points and jokes taken from Tina Fey’s real-life experience (the glasses of urine left around the offices by male writers, the phrase "ball of fingers" used to describe the baby Liz or Tina might have after they turn 40) and put on screen.

I'll say up top that the only regret I felt about the finale is that Liz's family life was introduced so late in the game, we never got to see her have one last moment of reflection with Criss, Terry and Janet during the finale. Plenty of people (I being one of them!) wished Liz Lemon could have reflected Tina Fey's life even more closely throughout more of the series. Most of the elements of 30 Rock seem like they would play out much the same if Liz Lemon was a successful female comedy genius who is also a happily married mother of two. Right? RIGHT? READ MORE


'30 Rock' Chatlog Recap: "Governor Dunston"

Halle: Okay, just finished. Another great episode!

Emmy: For real!

Emmy: The Bob Dunston plotline (in which Tracy bares a striking resemblance to new buffoonish Republican Vice Presidential nominee Bob Dunston) is genius.

Halle: AGREED! I was momentarily nervous that they were going to bring back Palin, but I should have known better than to underestimate them

Halle: And their meta commentary on the insanity that comes out of politician's mouths

Emmy: What, the chili?

Halle: lol, yes. And the concept that the show literally does not have to write lines for Tracy. They just use REALITY. "There are nine types of legitimate rape. One-a Halloween party."

Emmy: Oh that. yes.

Emmy: It reminded me a bit of Kenan Thompson's Jimmy McMillan impression on Weekend Update last year, where it seemed like a lot of it was taken verbatim.

Halle: Haha, oh yeah! Good memory.

Emmy: no, I just really love Jimmy McMillan.

Halle: Hahaaahaha.

Halle: May the history books remember The Rent Is Too Damn High party.

Emmy: Amen. READ MORE


Happy Endings Recap: "Four Weddings and a Funeral (Minus Three Weddings and a Funeral)"

Another season finale, another wedding, another chance for Penny to wallow in her chronic loneliness, then at the last minute find hope and redemption. Only this time, there’s a Skype table! It’s Derek and Erik’s wedding (“Their Brangelina name is Derek…or Erik,” gasps Alex) and their ostentatious, confetti-covered, gladiator-themed love inevitably stirs up issues for everyone. “And that was just the Save The Date!,” Penny marvels. And to think, just last season Derek was posing as Penny’s sham date at Shershow’s nuptials. Dra. Ma. READ MORE


Happy Endings Recap: "You Snooze, You Bruise"

When Dave joins Max's gym (An actual exercise gym! The gang can't believe it either!), I must once again wrestle with my complete and total love of the gay stereotype mash-up that is Derek. Could those canary yellow gym shorts be any shorter? Considering that the show has no problem with letting Max be a lovable schlemiel, I guess a little upper man thigh never hurt anyone. Or maybe I'm just making excuses for it…no! Max and Derek together is like eating sweet eye caramels, particularly their slow-motion treadmill routine! "Actually he owes me $900. Drama!," Derek chuckles with Dave about Max. "No, seriously how do I get him to pay me?" Maybe I just need to remember that gay men can truly be whatever they want, whether it be lawyers, congressman, murderers, dentists or life coaches for rich people's pets. It is a real job. READ MORE


Happy Endings Recap: "Party Of Six"

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I need me some B storylines! I prefer my Happy Endings episodes to be swarming with Bs! You better B-lieve it! Bs and wieners! I guess what I'm saying is, the gang is at their best (in my correct opinion) when they are grappling with individual dilemmas that tie together deliciously at the end, versus having one dominant storyline as they did in last night's episode "Party Of Six." Locking everyone down as a group around a series of tables just made me antsy, ya'll. It also put too much pressure on the writers' one-liners which, while great, didn't pop as much as they would have if they'd been snuggled in between a slow-motion dive or a spastic flail or an uproarious head-first fall down a flight of stairs. Or the image of a bear man riding a unicycle. That still gets me. It always will. READ MORE


Happy Endings Recap: "The Kerkovich Way"

Last we left the Happy Endings gang, Alex and Dave had just been down each other’s rabbit holes (Eh? Ew? I’m sorry). While Dave has been frantically trying to call her with visions of unplanned pregnancy dancing in his head (“Group baby?” he muses. “Is that a thing?”), Alex has instead chosen to pretend their hot drunken lovemaking never actually happened. All those phone calls? Well, wouldn’t you know it? Alex’s phone line somehow got crossed with an intrepid home-made cough drop salesman. “Next you’ll be telling me Chaz's cough drops aren't laced with ketamine,” she scoffs at Dave’s attempts to discuss their boning. “They are, trust me. I saw God. He's black.” READ MORE


Happy Endings Recap: "Cocktails & Dreams"

On the advice of one Miss Terry Hatcher's blog, Penny decides to quit sugar cold-turkey, no matter what a stupid idiot this makes her seem to the rest of the gang. "My body is a temple; your bodies are stadium urinal troughs," Penny snarls. Despite having just ordered a table keg for one, Alex quickly climbs aboard the health train too, a train which is almost certainly barreling toward tears and starvation and disaster. Oh, and then Mork stops by. Or is it Max? No one has seen him for awhile since he's gotten so busy with his super serious boyfriend Grant, so it's kind of hard to remember. "We're sharing this cute toggle coat," a shivering Max explains, before stopping and listening to the words that are coming out of his mouth. Max is still leery about settling down, despite the fact that Grant won two horses for him to hold, and anyone who will set you up for a great visual gag like that is definitely a keeper. READ MORE


Happy Endings Recap: "The Butterfly Effect Effect"

Winter has descended on the Happy Endings gang, and you know what that means! Excellent physical comedy! Oh, and Brad and Jane's annual Spring Smackdown. An explosive fight between their friends that emerges every year to usher in the beginning of spring, Penny and Dave look forward to their Smackdown windfall: free steaks and Ice Capades tickets purchased in anger for him, white wine, flowy pants from Bassett by Angela for Angela Bassett and a fleeting sense of superiority over Jane for her. They decide to push Jane and Brad into a fight to hurray things along, but, as Alex warns them, even the smallest change to the yearly event is bound to have dire consequences. "It's like The Butterfly Effect," she predicts. "The one little movie lead to Ashton Kutcher doing a lot of bad movies." READ MORE


Happy Endings Recap: "Everybody Loves Grant"

This is the first Happy Endings episode I can think of that didn't really have a distinct b or c story, and frankly, it could have used one. If only the person working at the newsstand had been Claire Forlani! Alas, it was merely a teenage boy with long hair. As such, the entire episode revolved entirely around the gang’s reaction to Max’s hunky perfect boyfriend-of-two-weeks Grant. It turns out, Grant is so perfect, what with his ideal brow thickness and spot-on vest/tie combination, that normally chillaxed Max is losing his goddamn mind. READ MORE