On The Set of Hell Baby Seems Like the Best Set

Since its inception, I have lobbied for this site to feature more Rob Hubel-related nudity, and by god, you have finally delivered. And speaking of, this is the film in which Riki Lindholm has a full-frontal scene, I believe (as per her latest appearance on Doug Loves Movies)

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On It's Probably Smart to Just Serve Alec Baldwin His Latte with a Smile

This is maybe my favourite thing that has happened on the internet (and this includes all videos of you, Cats)

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On Rob Delaney Has What Should Be the Final Word on Joke Plagiarism

@CarmelaBing "fewer" followers, dear. Also, what is a c-bag? I'm not sure I have one. Should I? My doctor's not available until Monday, so is my possible lack of a c-bag something that requires immediate attention, or can it wait until after the weekend?

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On Eight Types of Hecklers and the Comedians Who Shut Them Up

I don't know...I think Ari Shaffir's rape quip was worse than anything even the most obnoxious of hecklers would come up with. And the crowd yukking it up with him over it? Blerg.

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On Giving The Big Bang Theory a Fair Chance

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On SNL Recap: We're Also Sorry You’re Not Perfect, Miley Cyrus

Did we watch the same episode? I went into this with low expectations (I mean, come on) but was pleasantly surprised. Frankly, I think she did a great job. Honestly don't know where you're coming from with this one.

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On I Dare You to Not Be Charmed by This Interview with Amy Poehler's Parents

That link sent me to an article entitled, "Where Have All the Good Men Gone," which while an important question, is not Poehler-adjacent.

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On 30 Rock Recap: "Double-Edged Sword"

This was my favourite episode of the season. "Their milk comes in bags. BAGS!"

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On Gallagher's Manager: "I respect what Marc was trying to do, but he did it in a douchey way."

I never go to the mental illness place when I think that someone is behaving in an odd manner, because really, I lack any qualifications for making such an assessment. Having said that... Take away the fact that Gallagher is a recognizable name and listen to the interview as if he were an anonymous comic and tell me that you didn't hear a person who was out of his fucking mind. The erratic proclamations, the inability to modulate the volume of his voice, the proactive defensiveness...I truly felt as though I was listening to a crazy person who was hearing and responding to half a conversation conceived in his mind.

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