On Hey Readers: What Do You Want to See More of on Splitsider?

As someone who doesn't twitter all that well, I actually really like the "best tweets" segment...the one thing I'd like to see is more interviews with comedians. And someone ask Doug Benson why he has an itchy trigger finger for that block button. Douche.

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On Pretend Time Is Over, Children

Too bad...now I don't have to pretend I liked it anymore.

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On SNL Recap: Channing Tatum Endures a Night of Catcalls

It seemed like Tatum was too dumb to pull some of the stuff off, and it seemed like he forgot what he was doing a couple of times. The NBC Sports sketch is one I can remember... he forgot to look down at one point and quickly tried to pick it back up. His Matthew McConnahey was actually good, and while the Cee-Lo sketch was offputting, I'd like to see Keenan give it another spin in a different sketch... I also need to see more Jay Pharoah, he's painfully underused.

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On You Don't Know Doug

Doug was the Saved by the Bell of cartoons for me... a show that I would watch over and over and over even after I'd seen every episode. And of course Skeeter was black... you ever seen a white guy that could beat box like that?

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On Aubrey Plaza Is Everyone's Soulmate, Except Ryan Gosling's

Her scowl is fantastic.

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On Mass E-Mail, by Darren Springer

I feel very clueless here.

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On 30 Rock Infographic Recap: "Idiots Are People Two!"


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On Is HBO Trying Too Hard To Be Edgy Instead of Funny?

I personally love Bored to Death... I can't not watch when it comes on and go out of my way to watch it. I love HBO's charachter development, but HBO's always been more about "dramedy" than actual comedy.

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On Dane Cook on His Louie Scene and How He's A Hipster Comic

Let's be honest here, Dane Cook became popular because women like him. He's not ugly, he's in good shape, and he's moderately entertaining. He makes(takes) jokes geared specifically towards women and they find it hilarious and charming. The only reason ANY artist gets mainstream success is if women like it. Things that men like take 50 years to become mainstream... sports, fantasy sports, video games, etc. Those things are all extremely mainstream but they took forever to become so. One book club about "The Help" and it's the hottest thing on the streets, son!

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On Weird Al's Mean Streak

Amish Paradise and Fat are classics.

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