On Reconsidering Freddy Got Fingered

1) I support this. 2) Are you Martin Starr's character from "Undeclared"?

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On Dave Chappelle Gives First Interview In 5 Years: "It's addictive, being a famous person"

I like how Rico kept mentioning Dave's muscles and asking about his opinions on different female celebrities' butts

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On Background Ads for Zookeeper Digitally Inserted Into Reruns of How I Met Your Mother

That is the craziest fucking thing I've ever seen

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On Childish Gambino And Reggie Watts Freestyle, Now Legally Obligated To Make An Album Together

I was at this show and this part was fucking awesome

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On Parks and Rec Getting Extra-Length "Producer's Cuts"

They even put some Producer's Cuts of P&R episodes on Hulu last year. They're cool to watch but sometimes you can see why the stuff got cut out

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On Snoop Dogg Does The Damn Thing At Comedy Central's Trump Roast

Trump's face in that reaction shot says "you're damned right it's not"

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On Tina Fey's Two Types of Comedy Writer: Harvard Boys and Crazy Improvisers

Shut up Twofer we don't care that you went to Harvard

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On The Second Complete Oral History of Party Down

Great read about a wonderful show. Fuck them for speculating about a movie on the last page, let's not make this AD fandom part two. Just kidding, the movie's totally going to happen

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On If All Movies Had Smartphones

I have to admit that at a certain point in this video I was all "uh excuse me Chuck Berry hadn't WRITTEN Johnny B. Goode yet when Marty played it at the school dance so that joke doesn't even make sense if a smartphone was around at that time it wouldn't be able to detect a song that hadn't actually been released yet" and then I realized that I might have been missing the point.

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On Where Have All the Humorists Gone?, Part 1: Robert Benchley, S.J. Perelman and the Decline of Modern Humor Writing

That's definitely a great bit, but it expresses a different sentiment, I think. It's less about hating someone random for no reason and more about hating someone specific for a silly reason. Like you're just pissed off that you have to wait in line for so long, so you take it out on the person in front, no matter how innocuous they are being (like "OH MY FUCKING GOD HOW DARE YOU GET SPECIAL STAMPS").

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