On East Coast/West Coast Beef Reignited by Slight Differences in the 30 Rock Live Shows

I have not had a gut-laugh in ages like the one I had last night. @Megh Wright, I agree- Jon Hamm yelling "Banjo!" made me lose it. I saw the West Coast version, will check out the East Coast one ASAP. Their version of The Honeymooners captured exactly the thing that always weirded me out about that show. Kristen Schaal is the best addition to the show. Her facial expressions alone make me fall off the couch.

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On Parks and Rec Recap: "The Debate"

Big high-fives for the dynamic team of Perd Hapley and Joan Callamezzo. Perd's earnest cluelessness and Joan's snippy sniping were perfect. Plus points for Andy making Donna weep.

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On Parks and Rec Recap: "The Debate"

@Bradford Evans: I kind of hope not- an inexplicable non-sequitur moment like that is almost better left as is.

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On Community Recap: "Basic Lupine Urology"

Troy and Abed trading the good cop/bad cop role killed me, as did their non-binding "Miranda rights." Bringing back Good Guy Todd as a red herring suspect was genius. I was just sure that the character they were going to kill this season was going to be Dean Laybourne. Starburns death FTW!

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On The Office Recap: "Fundraiser"

Spot on. Kevin's incisiveness was the only thing that made me laugh last night. The Andy/breakdown and Dwight/auction bits made me squirm but not in a fun way. Nellie's taco eating was a nice bit of physical comedy. Did enjoy Angela's "politician's wife" hairdo, though.

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On Book of Mormon Songwriter to Sing in the Key of Springfield

- Who Put the Spring in Springfield? - Homer's walking song ("And when they say you can't walk to Turkmenistan/I say of course I can/Screw you!") - The theme from Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl - The theme song from McBain - Ricky Gervais' love song to Marge ("Be my princess tonight/But don't die") And this isn't an original, but when Bart convinces Sideshow Bob to sing the entire score of The HMS Pinafore. Too, too excellent.

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On The Office Recap: "Welcome Party"

Bringing Catherine Tate to the U.S. is probably the best thing the producers of The Office have done for a couple of years.

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On 30 Rock Infographic Recap: "Meet the Woggles!"

Thank you for printing Jenna's list- now THOSE are some worthy bucket list/sex walkabout goals!

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On Are You Ready for The Office: The New Class?

@Colin Perkins: Agreed. As a former Office fanatic, this season has seemed like the saddest of fan-fic stories. Even Angela has lost her nasty bite. The only funny moment last night was the opener where no one could remember whether Stanley had a mustache or not. I like Catherine Tate, but they've already taken her character and softened it. Bleh.

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On Dan Harmon vs. Chevy Chase: the Plot Thickens

I find the comments about Chevy's lack of talent confusing. Is he the reason I watch Community? No, but he's one of them. Each of the cast members contributes a different type of comedy. Chevy's speciality is physical comedy, and some of the biggest guffaws I've gotten from the show have been from him silently dealing with some physical bit. (The broken soft-serve machine, drinking ink, trampolining with both joy and malice.) His eulogy for his father was also one of the funniest moments of this season. I'd miss Pierce. Leonard is funny and I'd love to see more of him (or a whole episode from his POV), but Chevy is a plus for the show. And any man who can put up with being named "Fat Brando" for a whole show, and then accepting "Fat Burt Reynolds from Boogie Nights" is a pro.

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