On Things I Want to Do to Comedy Central's Amazing Development Slate

Things I want to do to this headline concept: read it again for the first time. Take a bow, Hallie.

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On Looking for the Role of Comic Novels in the Comedy World

If you haven't read The Ask yet, you should definitely go and read The Ask. Nice work, Jake.

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On CollegeHumor's Sarah Schneider Hired as a Writer at SNL

Deserved! Congratulations, Sarah!

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On Afghanistan Getting Its Own Version of The Office

The Ministry of Garbage is a term I will definitely be using to describe things that are terrible going forward.

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On It's Pretty Much Up to Louis CK Whether or Not Louie Gets Another Season

This really puts the Chapelle's Show fiasco in perspective.

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On Experience Pure, Unadulterated Sadness via Pauly Shore's Twitter Feed

Is it weird that I actually really would like to hear Pauly Shore on WTF?

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On This Week in Comedy Podcasts

@Nathan Bennett Word. Thanks for the heads-up.

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On Kristen Wiig And The Loveable Oddballs

Kristen Wiig had me at Target Lady. It would be cool if she put her back in the rotation once in a while.

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On A Nice Chat with Natasha Leggero

Now THAT is an opening line :)

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On If an Attractive Woman is Single, She Must Be Married to Her Job

I'd considered adding 'Network' to the list because it's kinda technically true, but Faye Dunaway's character is far too nuanced to get lumped in with the rest of these. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.

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