On What Do You Think of Bill Burr's Rant Against the Alternative Comedy Scene?

Ha. Cunty Redhead.

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On The Office Recap: "Angry Andy"

I think it was the best episode this season, and maybe in years. This episode, and in an earlier episode where there was an opener that had Jim "framing" Dwight for his murder, both contained what once made the show amazing. The impotence meeting had a level of awkwardness that I haven't seen in the show since "A Benihana Christmas." It makes me remember better days. Let's hope it sticks.

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On Will Ferrell & Adam McKay Are Writing Step Brothers 2: The Stepbrothering

@Felix Collier@facebook Are you seriously spamming splitsider you douchebag?

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On Inspector Spacetime Web Series Stubbornly Refuses to Be Shut Down by NBC

Good for them. I think it's hilarious that NBC won't allow what is essentially a tribute to the show to be made. Maybe BBC should send NBC a cease a desist letter for an obvious shout out to Doctor Who.

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On Another Day, Another Picture of Ricky Gervais Dressed as Hitler

@Hunter Boyette@facebook Thanks

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On Another Day, Another Picture of Ricky Gervais Dressed as Hitler

It seems you didn't have any positive things to say about him before he dressed as Hitler. I mean, you're a great writer, and I'm not a great fan of Gervais, but you're kind of beating a dead horse with the whole I hate Ricky Gervais thing you've got going on. Although it does bring out your eyes.

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On Ricky Gervais Is Still Swearing He Won't Host the Golden Globes Anymore

@Nathan Smart: Seriously. We get it, Splitsider hates Ricky Gervais.

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On Ricky Gervais Is Pret-ty Proud of Himself for Being a Rogue Genius Iconoclast

Wow, you guys really hate Ricky Gervais.

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